Monday, January 11, 2016

Word Up!!

Hey Family!
  It's day two for me in the MTC right now and its pretty good! The plane ride to SLC was enjoyable. There was a girl about my age at the terminal before we boarded that were LDS and they came up and talked to me! Just the Girl, Kaylee, Was flying though. She graduated from Shadow ridge and is in the same ward as the Eliason's. She said she is planning on serving a mission come this spring! Very exciting! The plane was only half booked and so I actually was able to get a front row seat which was very convenient for catching the shuttle in SLC. When I landed it was 10:20 and so I took to a brisk pace. When I made it to the baggage claim I saw the shuttle check in desk right behind me! Then my bags were the 2nd or 3rd bags to start coming out! The Lord is obviously on my side! I actually ended up going and sitting down in some chairs for 10 minutes waiting for the shuttle. I rode down with three other missionaries and one BYU student. They were all pretty quiet but I kept asking questions and trying to start conversation but it would die every time! I don't know how they could just sit there and stare like David Putty when they were driving to the MTC!? 

     Well all I ate at the airport was this egg sandwich from some weird place that was pretty good but I was starving before we even landed. So by the time we got to the mtc I was hoping we would eat lunch but we got there right as lunch ended and so I was stuck waiting till dinner. I had a headache and was starving so I was having to try really hard to stay happy. But once dinner came I was a very happy camper. I CHOWED!! I love buffet style cafeterias!! My companions name is Elder Barlow! He is from a really big family and he is the 14th kid of 17! Pretty impressive! He is from just out of salt lake and has lived there his whole life! We haven't really had a chance to take pictures but we are going to the temple today so you can see him next week! He loves the scriptures and marks them up like a mad man! We get along pretty well! Definitely different personalities but it's fun talking with him about the gospel and learning more about him. He also can rip a very nice belch so that immediately meant he would be awesome! He is here to work as hard as I want to and wants to be obedient with exactness as well!! So very happy about that because missionaries who just don't understand the importance of following the rules let alone knowing them is very much apparent here in the MTC.

     Our branch has 9 missionaries! 5 Sisters and 4 Elders.  Only one of those sisters is going to independence the others are going to mesa Arizona and Hawaii. The sister going to Independence is Sister Jackson. She can be so quiet sometimes it reminds me of the Asain girl off of Pitch perfect. It is especially hard to hear her when the AC kicks on and I'm under the vent. sometimes I really can't hear anything! We met our Branch president last night, President Brown, and he is a great dude! We got organized and I'm so very excited to move forward with the assignments we all received. There is one other set of elders in our district (Elder Larson and Elder Corpuz) and Elder Larson was made district leader and elder Corpuz was made sacrament coordinator. The sisters were assigned as sister trainer leaders, music coordinators, and computer something. Elder Barlow and I were made Zone Leaders and we are both pretty happy about that! We are are going to study the leadership handbook for part of today. It should be fun getting to work with the Branch president and serving the district and zone which is actually called a branch here.

Provo Temple trip

So far I have been so busy and occupied I haven't really thought about home yet but I do miss you guys! This work is so awesome and exciting to be a part of and I know the Lord is blessing the families of those serving missions! I know the Savior lives. I know Heavenly Father lives and that they are our friends. There is no time for us to doubt and be fearful only to have faith and DO! In a sense #DES if you remember what that means! (Do Epic Stuff)

Love Elder Kelly :)



  1. "It is especially hard to hear her when the AC kicks on and I'm under the vent." Haha I miss this kid already.

  2. The Asian girl from pitch perfect! Hahahahahahahahaha I died laughing. He is doing so good and means business, he's going to have an awesome experience!

  3. This is AWESOME! Thanks!!! WE are excited for you Elder Kelly - Sister Hoggan

  4. His weekly letters are going to be fun