Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Weird Weather

So a common game we play on Pday lately is Revenge. We play it all the time because everyone can play. It is the same as knockout but whoever wins has to get everyone out. So if the person that got you out gets out you are back in. In makes for some long games but it is such a good work out because you are running so much. At the end of the day we had a guy call us who we had given a Book of Mormon in passing a couple days earlier. He was genuinely interested and we were able to go meet with him and teach the whole restoration. He said he would read and pray! Has a lot of real intent in his attitude so we are excited.

I have been memorizing a lot of scriptures lately and it is making me so much more happy. It's kind of cool how the scriptures can actually enlighten your mind.

Working on memorizing all of these scriptures that go with each doctrinal point we have to memorize.  (see attachment Image)  It has been fun so far. You should memorize these because you can answer any doctrinal question through these.

On Wednesday we had district meeting and Elder Childress asked if I would give a training on Charity and as I was studying for it I found a really cool scripture about love and how God works. 

3 Nephi 27:15.  
 "And for this cause have I been lifted up; therefore, according to the power of the Father I will draw all men unto me, that they may be judged according to their works."

When I read this I was just think about why I am drawn towards Jesus Christ. In my head I would have to say I am drawn to him because of the love He shows me. Christ says that he will draw all men to him according to the power of the father. God's power is love. No wonder charity is greater than all others to have at the last day.

Sharon Burns asked us to baptized!!! She is being baptized on May 28th! WOOT WOOT! We are so excited to see her take this step forward! She continues to amaze us with her knowledge every time we teach her.

After that lesson with Sharon we went and taught Mary Pruess and her daughter Anna. Mary is the woman that took us to dinner before we ever taught her or anything like that. She just thinks the missionaries are awesome people. We taught them the whole first lesson and the spirit was definitely present.

Friday we got to go to seminary at 6 in the morning. It made me not miss early morning seminary even a little bit. We got to do a Q&A about missionary work and missions. It was kind of fun to answer their questions.

Friday we were giving service at a local thrift store and there was this teenager girl there who was looking for a book to take to a book exchange at school. We told her we would give her a Book of Mormon for free to take. Apparently she posted something about it on Instagram because a girl in our ward texted us and said that she saw her friend's post and texted her about it. The girl now wants to learn more and we have an appointment on Friday!

As I have prayed these last couple nights before bed I can feel Heavenly Father's love for me so strong. It is a marvelous feeling. God lives and His son Jesus Christ is our savior. Don't ignore them for things of this world that don't matter. Treasures in heaven are more important!


- Elder Kelly

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