Thursday, June 2, 2016

Very Interesting Week

What up!!!
Super fun week with tons and tons that happened.
To start last P-day was a super chill and relaxing P-day. We didn't drive the 20 minutes to the church to go play sports and stuff because we were really tight with the amount of miles we were aloud to drive this month. We emailed at the library and then went to the apartment and studied and slept and ate some food and studied and slept. It was super relaxing. The whole day it was dumping rain too. Way close lighting the whole time so it was nice to just read with the back door open.

Tuesday we got to teach Sarah Petty again and we taught her the plan of salvation. She enjoys meeting with us and is excited to continue to learn. She was supposed to come to Sharon's baptism but she got grounded so that was a no show.

Wednesday was awesome as usual because district meeting is always awesome and gets you pumped up! We taught Kandace Eichorst (Emma Patterson's other friend) and we had an awesome lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how through it we can find strength. We shared a few scriptures from Mosiah 9 and 10 about going to battle in the strength of the Lord and she seemed to really like the idea of have the strength of the Lord with us. At the end of the lesson we invited her to be baptized on June 18th. She committed to pray about it and see what Heavenly Father said. At the baptism on Saturday she expressed to Emma that she wants to be baptized just more toward the beginning of July. #SWEET!!!

The District

Thursday! First day I have done the whole day on foot and it turned out to be way interesting. Elder Childress has asked that we don't ride bikes because he has a way bad shoulder and will have to get a shoulder replacement by age 40 guaranteed because of two passed injuries. He knows if he some how falls on it he will mess it up again and will be sent home without question. Good to know he is afraid of riding bikes ;) that's what I like to tell him at least. During the studies that morning it was down pouring and hailing (around golf ball size) and it was looking like we were going to have to drive.
Thankfully it cleared up when it was time to leave. Heavenly Father is the best guy to have on your side. We hit the day on foot and had to walk a pretty far ways and thankfully it was still stormy skies so it was nice and cool. We had rain coats on with umbrellas just in case. It seemed to be storming all around us but wasn't hitting us. Well we got about 10 minutes away from our destination when the tornado sirens sounded. Well my first thought was, "Oh cool they are testing them.  Wait a minute it's not the first Wednesday of the month. Wait is this real??? Why is nobody reacting." Seriously no one seemed to be flinching. Construction workers just kept doing their thing. We asked a guy and he said it was real but wasn't moving that fast (not at all actually) to find shelter. We continued on our way towards our destination. I think 3 different people offered us rides to shelter within the next 5 minutes. (2 of which were members) we were so close to our arrival we said we were ok. After the third offer to get a ride we were walking and everything went crazy still. The wind, the rain, the animals, the trees. Nothing moved. That scared us the most and we began to pick up the pace (we were already walking very fast) got to our destination and chilled in their basement for about 40 minutes until we were no longer on tornado warning any longer.  Yes we know we were stupid and should have taken the rides. We have been chastised and harassed by several members of the ward already.  Good to know Heavenly Father is patient with even the stupid missionaries.

When the siren sounded...

Friday! We were on exchanges with the Zone leaders and Elder Hunt came to Parkville with me. We went down to the visitor center and had a way awesome experience with Sharon. We went through God's Plan for the Family and at the end one of the sister missionaries directed a question at Sharon. "What kind of comfort does it bring you to have a knowledge about the Plan of Salvation. Sharon began to cry and expressed that she loves knowing that she will be able to see her mother again. Another girl that was with us in our "tour" was a return missionary who had gotten home only a month ago. Her mom had passed away when she was on her mission and so it brought the Plan of Salvation to a whole new level. They were able to talk for a little bit afterwards and shed tears together. Love how the Lord is always showering us with tender mercies. Afterwards Elder Hunt interviewed her for baptism and we headed for a hot dog place nearby. (Best hot dog I have ever had) #ChicagoDog Later that evening we were again on foot but Elder Hunt is thankfully not afraid of riding bikes. In fact he is from southern Utah and went mouth in biking on the daily. We hit up the bikes and it was so much fun. Parkville is so hilly so by the end of the night we were both sweating some serious buckets.

Sweet Picture of he Kansas City Temple

We are so sweaty!!!

Elder Hunt's stupid selfie

Baptism baby!!
Such a happy day to be apart of. Sharon was baptized and there were a lot of members there to support her. I think the entire YoungWomen group showed up and the sang during the program. Emma spoke as did the seminary teacher that Sharon learned from for the past couple months.
Sister Patterson literally had the whole thing planned by Wednesday, fancy programs and all. We just showed up, filled the font, and set up the chairs, and then enjoyed the spirit. The Patterson family truly is amazing. She asked Elder Katoa to baptize her and me to confirm her.
Her boyfriend, Dad, and Grandma showed up as well and they were all very supportive. Hopefully they felt the spirit like I did.

Elder Kelly, Elder Katoa, Elder Childress

Elder Childress, Elder Kelly, Sharon, Elder Katoa

 Sunday was joyous because it was Sunday. The spirit is always stronger and the opportunity to confirm Sharon made it even better. She was beaming the whole day and even got up with the young women when they sang a musical number. She heard the Lord's voice and truly followed it.

I think the best part of the whole story is that most of the missionary work was done by the Patterson family and the ward. We just had to be there for the lessons to make sure material was properly taught really. #MemberMissionaryWorkOrDie

I love you guys and hope and pray you share the gospel with your friends. God is real and Christ is our Savior :) Shouldn't we all be beaming?

-Elder Kelly

After eating dinner with the Cowley Family

When a missionary is creepin' on you.

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