Friday, August 5, 2016

Walk the Talk

Walk and Talk
Last week was walk week with no car and Elder Wright and I actually really enjoyed it. :) You just get to talk to so many more people throughout the day and we are hoping that this week we will be able to help a lot of those new potentials from this last week start meeting with us.
While we walked we...
- Were told by an older lady we were cute but there was no point in walking around looking stupid like that. Later in the conversation we found out she was atheist.
- Got chigger bites
- Sweated a lot (But definitely blessed none the less. Weather was about 10 degrees cooler than the past and future weeks surrounding it)
- Heard lots of yelling through car windows
- Got honked at by members
- Met JD and David (separate stories I'll tell later)
- Memorized scriptures
- Talked about best memories
- Experienced lots of other cool stuff you wish you experienced on your mission.   Haha

Thankfully here in Olathe it's a lot flatter than it is in Parkville.
Makes walking ten times more enjoyable.

We met with Paul and Kasey four times last week to help Paul stay busy and not thinking about smoking. Each time we went over he told us he was still feeling good about the 13th of Aug. Well he didn't smoke for about two days and at the end of the 2nd day (yesterday) he told us that he doesn't want to be baptized the 13th and isn't sure he is ready to quit smoking. But Kasey is still shooting for the 13th hopefully and we are praying that his dad will follow suit one day. We will still be meeting with both of them to help them further their relationship with Heavenly Father.

Wednesday we met David on the street and met with him on Friday. We taught the whole first lesson and he didn't seem to understand and looked at us like we had three heads. We were trying to ask questions to check understanding and he was just acting weird and saying, "I don't know". We will see if he ever wants to meet with us again

On Friday we were walking and saw two guys and a woman on their porch.
"Hey are you Jehovah's?!"
"No we are from the Chur-"
"Are you Mormon?!"
"Yes we are."
"Well then get up here!!!"
This is why I love the mid west. People never do that in Vegas. Well no one has a wrap around porch to sit on in Vegas either. We walked over and introduced ourselves. JD, Connie, and Matthew. (Kind of crazy: Matthew's name is Matthew Paul, and 20 minutes before we met him we were eating at a members home who's name was Samantha Marie) Just three friends hanging out on the porch drinking a beer and smoking cigarettes. We told them about ourselves a little bit and about the church and our beliefs. JD (He owns the home) invited us back to have a "cookout" next Friday. We told him we would come if there was no drugs, alcohol, or smoking going on. They said it was a deal. None of that until after the lesson is over and we leave. So we will drive by next Friday night and see if they actually kept it away and if not we will just go home and eat. We are praying it actually works out because they were all really nice people.

Saturday night bishop texted us asking if we had a dinner to which we joyfully responded "no". He said he would take us out that night.  We got in the car and he asked where we wanted to go. He listed a few and we chose one. As we were driving he said, "You know what. Do you guys like sushi?"
"UUh... YEAH!"
"Really? YES!! My sushi buddy moved away and no one eats sushi with me anymore."
Elder Wright and I had been talking two days before about how good sushi sounded and how sad it was that we probably wouldn't eat it for two years. Needless to say we were excited.  The way this placed worked was pretty cool. It was a large oval shaped bar and on the inside of the bar they made all the sushi. There was a train that went around the bar that they put the plates of sushi on and you just grabbed a plate off the train as it came by. They charged you based on how many plates you had and what color of plate it was.  Fun experience to have with Bishop Drake.

We are having a fun time out here in Olathe 2nd!
Love and miss you all (I really mean that) -Elder Kelly

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