Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Happy Happy

Well this week was fast but slow with P-day being on a Thursday. It was weird because it felt like we have had 3 weeks in 1 and a half. 
Thursday at the endowment it was so amazing to see Patrick there. He is so humble and open to learning everything he can. President Vest went up to him in the Celestial room and asked if he had any questions he wanted to ask. He said, "No... I'm good. This is the happiest day of my life." Patrick is one of a kind. He is also in love with wearing garments. He keeps saying.  "Dude! They are so soft. I love it!"

Tuesday we had interviews and it is always awesome to sit down with president and visit a little bit. He always has our best interest in mind. While Elder Taylor was being interviewed I was talking with Sister Vest and asking her all her tips and tricks with cooking. She is probably the healthiest eater in the state of MO; it's kind of crazy. But it was also good to talk with her. 

Saturday morning session of conference we went and watched it with Patrick. Every Saturday we make him breakfast because he has to take some medicine on Friday nights that make him super weak the next morning. So on Thursday while we were shopping we bought some stuff to make biscuits and gravy. Elder Taylor got a recipe from his mom that was super good and we enjoyed that with Patrick as we watched that first session. Saturday afternoon we watched at the stake center with Levi and some members. Unfortunately we weren't able to get anyone to come to conference on either day that wasn't a member. Levi enjoyed it and came away with lots and lots of questions. We are excited to answer them all. 

Sunday morning we headed over to the Clark's house. They are some empty nesters that moved here from South Africa about two months ago. They cooked us up some delicious lunch for after the session was over. Pork, Butternut Squash, and a plethora of other food I don't know the name of that was quite delicious. 

We then headed over to the stake center for the afternoon session and we were able to get a less active over to watch. But he left early and haven't been able to figure out why. Hopefully he felt the Spirit.

Some of my favorites from conference:
- "When we pray. We pray to Heavenly Father, In the name of Jesus Christ, with the Guidance/assistance of the Holy Ghost. Engaging all three members of the God head at once." WOW!
- When we read the Book of Mormon we approach Jesus Christ.
- Elder Holland and Henry B. Eyring's talk during priesthood session. Both were AMAZING!

Transfers are this week and Elder Taylor and I are hoping so badly we don't get moved. We both love serving in Raytown and are having a lot of fun together. We are on the same page with almost everything. Always makes things much easier.
We have been listening to a song you all have to go listen to. Elder Taylor begged me to listen to it because I did not want to at first but after listening to it I was converted. It is "Silent Night" by Idina Mendzele. We listen to it all the time and we are not ashamed to say it even though it was the beginning of September when we first listened to it. You have to listen to the whole thing because the very end is so good.

I hope you all know i love you and miss you!

E. Kelly

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