Tuesday, February 7, 2017

One Week Closer to Summer

What to say... What to say...

Alrighty so we will start with Tay and Georgette

We had the chance to meet with them three times this week. We taught the Doctrine of Christ the first time and then taught about prophets the second time and the word of wisdom the third lesson. The second lesson was actually with the Giroux family. They had all four of us over for dinner and it was so perfect! We were able to share good laughs with each other and at the end had a short and simple lesson on modern day prophets. When we taught the third lesson Tay was more than confident in living the WofW and she shared a cool experience. Apparently she had felt that she was addicted to soda a few years ago and so she quit drinking it! She told us, "I don't have a problem with any of that stuff. It ain't worth it!" They both committed to live the word of wisdom and our next appointment is tomorrow.. Dinner at Bishop's house!
Tay is now a third of the way into Alma in the BofM. We tried to set a baptismal date with her but she didn't know her work schedule because her manager is going out of town for two weeks and she is going to have to cover him. So there should be one set tomorrow.
We are working to have Georgette on date as well. Her struggle is she works 6 days out of the week at a hotel and she never has Sunday's off and is often on call as well.
Pray for them!

Kali just had a super crazy week apparently last week. We were able to meet with her on Friday and Saturday. Friday we read through 3 Nephi 11 and it was pretty good. We brought up baptism again and she still is hesitant to the idea of being baptized. Saturday we went over authority and the pattern of dispensations. She had the realization that God's church could be on the earth and decided she would go to church to check it out and promised to read from the BofM as well so she can know. Somehow Kali still doesn't see the need to be baptized again even if God has established a church on the earth with authority. But we will be working on that this week. We had her attend the singles ward nearby and she loved it! I guess when she was talking to the sisters there after she told them she was so happy she had come and was definitely going to be there next week. We will be passing her off to the YSA sisters this week, on Friday hopefully.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with a man name Michael Fremont and his girlfriend Karen. He is an inactive member and she is a nonmember. We were able to teach the entire restoration to them and boy was it something. The Spirit was so obviously present; there was no denying that it was there. At the end they both recognized that what they had heard was truth and accepted to read the BofM and pray to know of it's truth. Elder Conley and I both really enjoyed teaching them because they are both pretty easy going people. Hopefully Michael can have the courage to follow what he felt because he looked a little uneasy at the end.

Wednesday was MLC and there was a really awesome discussion about desires. President Vest always invites us to check where our desires are so we can make sure we are laser focused on what is most important.  This idea is particularly inspiring to me. We are granted our desires as Alma teaches in chapter 29:4.

Got to visit with my buddy Patrick before MLC!

Elder Kelly, Elder Conley, Patrick

Friday was Zone training and it went very well! There was one training given by Elder Lancaster (my grand kid) about the Doctrine of Christ and he taught an interesting principle. He suggested that for every weakness we have there is a spiritual gift available to help us over come that weakness and develop it into a strength. Found that quite profound.

In fast and testimony meeting this week Brother Dan Larsen (direct descendant of Joseph Smith.)  got up and bore his testimony of how grateful he was for the Spirit testifying of truth. He told us that he feels the same Spirit at the Kirtland temple, the same Spirit when he sits with the General Authorities, the same Spirit when he is in sacrament in Overland Park KS. A principle we should all remember.

Gospel Principles was also a good one. Brother Methner (who is an ex first presidency member of the RLDS church) kept throwing out these random verses of scripture that contributed to the lesson. He knows his scriptures so well sometimes it's unbelievable. #goals Know the scriptures like that one day.

I actually had a really awesome realization during that class. We were learning about the Pre-Earth life and we read Revelations 12:11 "And they ​​​overcame​ him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their ​​​testimony​;"  Testimony has more strength than we realize. It was one of the two tools used to cast Satan out. When we bear testimony to anyone we are able to be the conduit for God's words to reach his children. We can dispel all temptation. We can protect ourselves and others from harm.  Don't forget to always share your testimony!

I know that God and Jesus Christ have physical bodies and live today.
I know that they can call us by name and care for us each minute of the day. I know that as we turn to them we can accomplish more than we could on our own and help others stay on the path to Eternal Salvation in the life to come. I know that the Book of Mormon is scripture and God speaks to us through it along with the Bible. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

E. Kelly

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