Friday, February 24, 2017

Week 58...I think

Alright let's do this!
So this last week we were able to meet with Tay 3 times again. She is currently in the Book of Ether. We were able to help Georgette start reading the BofM as well. She is in 1 Nephi 15 I believe. Elder Blake and I were able to sit down and make a plan of how we are going to help them progress the rest of the way to baptism. We decided to make every other lesson focused on either Tay or Georgette. So we can focus on both their needs. Unfortunately Georgette still has to work heavy hours and so when we meet with her she is VERY tired. She fell asleep in one of our lessons so we need to figure out how to better teach her.

On Sunday we had dinner with both of them at the Githens home. Brother Githens is the second counselor in our bishopric and it went really well. For our message we invited all of them to bring someone to Tay's baptism. Hopefully we can have many people at the baptism.

Exchanges! Exchanges are always fun and this week we exchanged with Elder Deurksen and Elder Bytheway. Elder Deurksen came out with me but he is Spanish speaking. Me and him stuck together for the day and we had a good time. Elder Deurksen is a new DL and he cares so much about the assignment he has been given and it was just a good example to me that I can probably care a little bit more about what I do. His district meeting on Wednesday went so well. There was a training on "Hope" and they suggested that when we read the word hope in the scripture replace it with synonymous words such as "expect" or other words. I think it kind of helps us understand that Hope isn't a fleeting wish but more of a resolution in our minds that God indeed is bound when we we do what He says.

After District meeting we had scones that the Browns (Senior Couple) made for us all. They were super good and I think I had four.

Tuesday morning Elder Blake and I gave each other a big hug and called it a day.

Tuesday night we had a lesson with Don Smith. He is an African American traveling pastor that we had met several weeks ago and set a return appointment. It went alright. Our team up started talking about the temple and I'm not sure he understood everything that was being said but the Spirit was there so hopefully he will actually read from the BofM.

Sorry this email is not good but elder Blake needed to go to the eye Doctor and then we got him new glasses and a prescription eye drop for his eyes. We haven't had a ton of time to email. The lady at Walmart almost convinced me to buy a new pair of glasses. She was a good at selling to me. They were sweet but I held strong. Glad I didn't buy them haha

Sweet glasses I didn't buy.  ha ha

Snack time

One last thing. While on exchanges Elder Deurksen and I visited a woman who is less active in our ward. We taught about how we can have the Spirit in our life specifically by honoring and renewing our baptismal covenants through the sacrament. She had been a member for years and had never fully realized that when you take the sacrament at church it is as if you were just re-baptized. You just laid down another old life of sin and brought up a new life of righteousness!
Every time we partake of the Sacrament we are promising God that we will hold true our promise to 1. Take the name of Christ upon us. 2. Always Remember Christ. 3. Keep His commandments. If you want the Spirit in your life make sure you repent everyday and make sure your sacrament experience is a spiritual one.

I know Heavenly Father loves us and expects us to work. It really is a blessing to work hard. God is on our side and His one goal is to have us back in His presence to stay. There is no reason to fear or doubt we already know who will win in the end and we must simply choose!
Don't forget you're royalty as joint heirs with Christ. (Romans 8:17)

- Love E. Kelly

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