Monday, April 10, 2017

It has been a Fabulous Week

Monday we had our usual dinner appointment with the Crewe family and we taught about the power of prayer. Brother Crewe has a non member sister who lives with him and is almost always at dinner. She sometimes sits in on the lessons we have afterwards. Well last week we finally had the opportunity to invite her to take the lessons and she accepted! We have our first return appointment tonight and we are excited to teach her the restoration.

Tuesday we had a lesson with Micheal Fremont a less active who is willing to meet with us but informed us in our 2nd lesson that he did not want to come back to church. But he was willing to read the BofM and meet with us so we decided an appointment every two weeks would be perfect. Well our appointment on Tuesday was fantastic. We found out that he is now into 2nd Nephi and has enjoyed reading quite a bit. Mike said that before when he had read the Book of Mormon he always had a very hard time understanding what he read. But he was happy to inform us that as he has been reading he prays that he will be able to understand it and as he asks so he receives. It is really awesome to see him progress in small steps. He even is now considering coming to church and it has only been two visits over the span of a month.
That evening we went over to the Brackett's house. They are an active couple who have a LA daughter that is married to a non member. We sat down with just the parents and made a plan of how we can help Sierra and Charles accept taking the lessons from us. It was exciting to make a plan with them. You could tell we were all kind of excited to see what happens. I think they will accept the invite because they have been to a baptism and church a few times recently. The spirit has been working on them for sure.

Wednesday was DM and we had a training by Elder Brinkerhoff about having a vision of what we want to accomplish. He shared Proverbs 23:7 "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he." Love that. It is a powerful principle. If you want to develop in any way, obtain spiritual gifts, have any good attribute then you need to first be able to envision yourself being that way or achieving those goals otherwise... it probably won't happen. Went along really well with Elder Ballard's talk of Return and Receive. I loved that talk so much.

Thursday we had exchanges with the Hickory Hills elders. It was a fantastic exchange much needed by both elders. They had been struggling to communicate with each other and both are getting tired with the work in their area. At the end of the exchange we had a really good exchange review and we were able to help the elders make a plan of how they are going to work more closely with the members to get the work moving. I love an exchange where we feel like we really did learn something from each other. Much more enjoyable. We had dinner with Sister Foster that night and boy was it good. Mashed potatoes with baked chicken and stuffing. It was so good. 

Right after closing the exchange on Thursday night we drove out to Independence and exchanged with the assistants. Me and Elder Childress were together on Friday and it was a great throwback. We had a really good talk during the day and I just felt a lot of love the whole time. 

General Conference weekend... ROCKED! I love conference weekend. Friday I was literally so excited I had similar feelings that I used to get on Christmas Eve. It was awesome. There were so many good insights I had. One of my favorite things was shared by President Uchtdorf, he said that as leaders we are not there to simply lead others we are there to be led by God. A good principle to remind yourself of where you stand as a leader. I loved it.

I testify of the reality of a living modern day prophet. If you did not listen to all sessions of General Conference I highly encourage you to make the time available so you can watch and learn from Gods anointed. I know that Thomas S. Monson is today's modern day prophet. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen 

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