Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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Alright I'm sorry for not emailing last week. 
We had a really great two weeks. President and Sister Love are here now and they are the best. They are very into hunting and we were able to see some of their hunting pictures. He shot a bear and put a caption on the picture that said, "President Love with a disobedient missionary." He is really into memorizing scripture and I'm all about that. 

Since I didn't talk about it last week I'll quickly mention it. The fourth here is crazy town. It literally sounds like a real war zone. I'm not really sure what people do that have PTSD to handle it. I was flinching all day because people were lighting off quarter sticks of dynamite and such all day. Actually it was basically all day the 3rd and the 4th. We're on exchanges on the fourth. Elder Boyce and I were walking when we came to a long driveway that had about 30 people or more all sittin in a long u shape on the edges of the drive way. We walked up and said, "Excuse me!!" Everyone went quiet and looked. It was great. We briefly explained who we were and what our mission was as missionaries. They were very kind to us and asked a few questions about our belief. We ended up testifying of the BofM to them and went on our way. It was pretty sweet. I love having people's attention with the gospel. 

This week we were in the third hour of church and a member asked us to step out in the hall. There was a man by the name of Jeremy that came in. He explained to us that after his personal study of the Bible he has concluded that our church is, "the head church of the last days" in his words. He is extremely excited to learn more and we will be teaching him on Friday. 

Last night we felt impressed to go to a specific area. We had about 5 sweet interactions down there. Only one of them turned out with a return appointment set but we were also able to bring down some walls with the other people about the BofM. I have realized that so many people have misconceptions of what we believe and who we are because we aren't open enough about with our friends. So many people think Joseph Smith wrote the BofM and a slew of other things. It is my favorite showing people how normal we are.

We also got an email from President Love I wanted to show you guys. We are really excited to see what happens. We have two Stake presidents in our area that are converts from the RLDS church along with our bishop. Here is the email, "I have been pondering on how we can better embrace those whose ancestors were once part of Christ's restored church. They are our brethren and their souls are precious. (Alma  31:34-35). Can we pray, as did Alma for success ?  I feel a sense of urgency. Can we council together on this at our next MLC?
I love each of you,
Pres. Love"

I know this is the Lord's work and we need to saddle up and start helping bring it forth. To this end were we born! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Kelly

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