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July 31, 2017
I haven't talked about him yet but we are teaching a man named Doug. Doug is a really unique man. I'm not sure how to fully describe him to you. He is just shorter than I am and has strawberry blonde hair that goes down to the middle of his neck. He had a car accident that really messed up his back and he has messed up knees so he can't move around very quickly but you can tell when his body used to cooperate that he was a big man and way strong. Probably pretty buff too. 
Anyways, he has a little bit of a sassy attitude and it has been enjoyable teaching him so far. He has been reading from the BofM and has had a lot of good thoughts about it so far. As we read through the Introduction he said, "You know I think that almost all of modern day Christianity is the work of Satan." He thinks it is a tool Satan has used to deceive people with. He explained that he thinks the people are good but the doctrine isn't. We explained that that was actually prophesied of in the BofM and he was pretty intrigued. 
In one of our lessons he brought up a concern he has about the temple. He feels that baptisms for the dead are taking away people's agency. We tried explaining the Spirit World and how people continue to live there as spirits but he just wasn't comprehending that. We are hoping the spirit will prepare him as he reads the BofM. That way when we teach the plan of salvation he will be ready for it. 

So we were in an apartment complex and had an interesting experience. We felt like we should go talk to a woman and when we walked up to her she was trying to brush us off quickly and started walking away so we walked with her. She was telling us that she was super busy and all the things she needed to do. One of the things she said she needed to do was get rid of some birthday cake. She asked if we wanted some and we accepted. She walked into her apartment and came back out with two plates of cake. She gave it to us and we were expecting her to stand out there and talk while we ate it. She instead turned around and walked inside. At this point we were also pretty tired because it was about 4 pm and we hadn't had lunch (that is a totally different story). So there we were standing in the hot sun sweating with random birthday cake and there were a bunch of kids running around us playing. It was pretty weird. We finished the cake. So we were left with throw away plates but we still had some of her actual forks that were not disposable. Then this girl walks up and takes the forks from us an walks inside. We walked to the trash can and threw away our plates. Then this other random girl walked up to us and said, " hey are you guys church people? I've been trying to find a church." We were more than happy to inform her that we are church people and that she is more than welcome to come to church. She then informed us that she would love for us to teach her so she can learn more about God. We took down her info and will be sending to the neighboring elders because she lives out of our area. It was just a weird day and we have laughed about it a few times. 

Elder Kelly and Elder Christensen 
eating random birthday cake! Weird

Well that is all I have for this week. Love ya!

I know that Heavenly Father is there and that he sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for us. I know that Christ's way is the only path that leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come. I would challenge you to think of one way you can come closer to Him!

Elder Kelly 

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