Sunday, October 29, 2017

Learning is Great

October 16, 2017

The Ratliff's were out of town and we 
wanted to serve them in some way so
we cleaned out their fridge.

Elder Denney gettin it done!

Wow Wow! 
All is well here in the land of Missouri.
Tuesday was a great zone conference. Elder EchoHawk of the 70 came and spoke. Not sure if you guys remember but he spoke to our stake a few years back and I remember some of his stories he told. He was the man who was one of the first Native Americans to be in a certain political position but I can't recall what it was. Anyways while there he talked a lot about the difference we make as missionaries by telling stories from his personal life experiences. Those stories always light a fire in me. After the end of the meeting I asked him about how he studies the scriptures. He shared a few thoughts and then told me that M. Russell Ballard read the entire standard works in the month of July! That is super fast! Elder EchoHawk said that currently he is making sure that he reads at least 10 pages of the BofM each day.

One of my favorite things to do is be inquisitive towards those who have much experience in serving in the church. This week we had the opportunity to talk to a Patriarch who I asked, "What helps you follow the Spirit." His response. "Remember everything good comes from God. When you receive the prompting think about your Priesthood line of authority [and I would add calling]. Then as you move forward on the first prompting pray for the necessary help to accomplish the task." This has been very insightful to me thus far. 

On Friday and Saturday we were able to serve at the "Lathrop Living History Festival".  Basically everything there was old fashioned including steam engines, an apple press, saw mill, huge generators, candle making, Abe Lincoln, a barber shop, and much much more. We were assigned to help at the apple press both days. We cranked and cranked that thing and made a ton of apple cider. At one point we raced the sisters to see who could crank out one batch the fastest and we finished our batch in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. That really was cranking it out too. I don't know if E. Denney and I could have gone any faster.  Right next door was apple fritters that were to die for too. I had a lot those!

Elder Denney by a steam engine

Apple Press

Steam Engine

Old Giant Generators

Saw Mill

At the end of the day on Friday we were at the barber shop and started talking to the lady there. Her name was Marge. She asked if I wanted a haircut and I was in need. I said no at first because we needed to go. Well we ended up in a great discussion on Christ and faith and so the Spirit told me it might be a good idea to ask for a haircut so the conversation did not get cut short. She had already told us she wouldn't meet with us so of course I took the opportunity and I got a great haircut. My previous conversation with the Patriarch gave me courage. I kept praying about what to share and I felt strongly to testify of the BofM. Elder Denney and I were able to teach all about the restoration and helped her better understand a lot of the misunderstandings. She committed to read from the BofM that night so we could talk about it tomorrow. The following day we visited again and she told us that she had a really hard time understanding what she had read and in fact read several chapters multiple times. We did our best to answer and explain certain things. Well at the end she still was not interested in meeting but it was a wonderful experience to be able to teach her anyways and follow the Spirit. Love these experiences. They are always more far reaching than I realize.

Saturday was Anthony's baptism! He is doing great. He bore his testimony at the baptism and that is always very rewarding to hear. His old HT came to baptize him which was also a good experience for Anthony. The old home teacher is the Patriarch I mentioned earlier in the email. We had been coordinating baptism details over the phone when I asked him the question.

Patriach/Home Teacher, E Kelly, Anthony, E Denney

Update on Michelle Templeton. One of our ward members went over to her house on Wednesday to help her start her family history. Well while there Michelle opened up about the fact that she had a dream Sunday night that her family alienated her because she joined the church and so she is now really hesitant to go forward. We haven't been able to meet since. :(. I don't think she is completely done because as we spoke at the door one night this week she said she was still reading the BofM but is just busy. 

I know that Jesus is the Christ. The immortal son of God. He once was dead but now lives! :) He has overcome death and sin so we can too. I promise that He knows you and that He and His Father reach out to you daily. We must simply tune in. I also know that we are where we are for a specific reason. To influence others, to experience success and failure , and ultimately to prepare to meet God. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love Elder Kelly

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