Thursday, October 26, 2017

Training Call!!!

September 4, 2017
A Great WEEK!!!!!! 
Just a heads up. This week is transfer week and I found out on Friday that I will be training a new missionary!!!!! SO PUMPED!!! We had a trainers meeting on Saturday and the Spirit was way strong there as we sang Praise to the Man. It was great. Elder Barlow (MTC comp) and Elder Childress (2nd comp) are both training. My last companion Elder Limon was just called as the assistant to replace E. Childress. He is going to do a good job.

Zone Conference
Kansas City Zone
Warmesburg Zone

President Love gave us a challenge this past week to incorporate more tracking into our efforts. He told us that when an appointment falls through we should consider why the Lord has us there at that time. He left us with this promise in his email last week, "I invite all of you to exercise your faith and find where you are. I solemnly promise you in the name of Jesus Christ, that as you do, several will be found and accept baptism before the end of September. I make the promise by virtue of Priesthood Keys I hold and the accompanying right to revelation. Ask and ye shall receive, knock, anticipating that the door will open." 

Accountability calls with Elder Christensen

We decided we would put this to the test the following day. In phone call with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders we were invited to knock 5 up, down, and across. We were determined to be faithful to keys and started doing so when our plans were not going as we had hoped. We got through about 6 doors and we both expressed that this was way more doors than we had expected. It was about 8:45 and nothing had gone through thus far. We said a prayer that we would meet a family prepared and willing to hear the gospel. We knocked another 3 doors and it was dark at this point and 5 to 9. A car pulled into their driveway a few houses up. We moved quickly to catch them before they went in when we reached the driveway the garage door started to go down and we said, "excuse me!" The garage came back up and we met Jimmy. He was just returning from a men's bible study where he had led a discussion on pride. Within the first minute of us talking his wife Audra pulled in too with their teenage daughter. We told them that we had a message that God wanted to share with them that would bless their family. We promised to be brief considering our curfew. They let us right in. Unfortunately their daughter hopped in the shower before we sat down so she was not a part of the lesson. We taught the restoration in about 20 minutes and the Spirit was definitely present. At the end Jimmy had a slight look of discomfort on his face. We promised if they would pray they can come to know the same truths. He expressed that he has a hard time swallowing the pill of Joseph Smith. We asked if he would be willing to pray about it for the closing prayer. He said no he just couldn't do it. We knelt down and Elder Christensen asked if he had a preference of who said the prayer since he would not do it. His response was, "Alright. I'll just say it..." We are meeting with them again on Tuesday so that will be exciting to see where they go. They were so kind and felt the spirit and committed to read the Book of Mormon. What else could you ask for?

Sam came to church this week and we were able to meet with him about an hour before church. We read through the entire plan of salvation pamphlet except for two pages I think. That is a pretty big pamphlet but Sam ate it up! He loved it.

Some Elders borrowed my suit and this 
is how they returned it to me.

We taught Jason Huckabee again! He wanted to take us to lunch but first wanted to pray. We knelt down together and he began praying. Not really sure what his hopes were but I think their culture is that they all pray vocally at the same time. Elder Christensen and I sat there in silence awkwardly listening. When he finally finished. We asked if we could pray. After we went and had some Italian food after which we taught the restoration. He expressed his disagreement that Christ's church never was lost and testified of the experiences he had had. Thankfully he is really humble so it was never contentious. In response we testified of the reality of the restoration and he committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about its truthfulness. 

I know that we need to align ourselves with priesthood keys if we intend to move the kingdom forward! (D&C 65:2) In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

-Elder Kelly

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