Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Fear No Man

Hey friends and family!!       

Finally in the field!!!! I am serving in Parkville Missouri! Elder Katoa and I were white washed and its been fun so far. honestly it is freezing out here! today and yesterday have been in the 40's and it feels so good compared to the other days! I wear thermals all the time, ear muffs, and my coat. but hey it is definitely fun here! The ward is so great! The ward mission leader is so full of fire and the work is moving very quickly! There are ward member team ups Tuesday through Thursday and I'm so happy that that happens every week! This ward is definitely a missionary ward. Hopefully me and elder Katoa can keep up with the momentum that is already going. 

            Elder Katoa is a great trainer! He is from american fork Utah and his cousin knows Megan.   He is a football player and has a full ride to Oregon state. We get along very well and he is helping me understand what it means to "Fear no man". This is eternal salvation so there is no room for fear. So far Elder Katoa is great and understands what it means to work hard! So grateful to have an awesome companion!
            Yesterday was particularly a great day for me and Elder Katoa! We were able to find 4 new investigators who all seem really interested! One of them was named Cody and we found him while walking around an apartment complex smoking outside. He was willing to let us share what we believe in and he was interested enough that he actually asked for our number first! We have a return appointment this week with Cody and I am super pumped about it! He lost his son about 2 months ago and already has a faith in Jesus Christ and the strength Christ provides. Pretty Awesome!

            Lots and lots of miracles! Yesterday we were able to find 4 new investigators and have a total of 7 new investigators as the week total. Yesterday Elder Katoa and I were definitely being lead by the spirit because we just happened to run into two different sets of lost sheep within 40 minutes of each other! One of them was a man who was just walking around. We stopped him and asked him if he knew about the LDS church and he immediately responded and said that he had been recently baptized in salt lake but had just moved to Missouri with his wife on Thursday but didn't know where any church building was. Later as we were walking around the parking lot back to our car a truck pulled up next to us with two men in it who were also already members. They had also just moved in and didn't know where the church building was. Very cool to know we had been in the right place at the right time for both instances! Some revelation I had was that I have no reason to fear! God is on my side, I have been set apart, and the field is white! JUST HAVE FAITH AND DO!!!!

            Last night me and elder Katoa were following up on a family the bishop gave us the address for. When we got there the guy we were looking for wasn't there but his roommates were and they were super fun to teach. Their names are Nathaniel and Raymond. We taught the whole first lesson and the spirit was so strong! and it was so cool because you could tell their minds were being exploded! they were truly astonished by what we were saying. They seem to be so prepared and we teach them again on Tuesday! Honestly almost all of our investigators are that awesome! we are definitely being blessed!

President Vest and his Wife are great! all the new missionaries stayed at the mission home the first night in the basement. For dinner we had navajo tacos and they were pretty tasty!

My iPad is all ready to go!

Just some random things:
-My luggage is taking a hard beating and idk if it will make it the whole mission.
- Having an ipad is so nice for the area book and such. Everything is just right there and organized and it's technologically beautiful!
-Our apartment has a lot of random things broken and such. all the important necessity things work thankfully. 
-Pretty sure our apartment was never Vacuumed one time because the ground was gnarly.
-One of our investigators has CP and talks to us with this Key board thing that speaks when he types. His name is Jesse and is so cool. The conversations are slow but he has such a good spirit.
-The Wool sock were not over kill! I wouldn't have any toes without them!

I know Jesus Christ lives with God the Father. We are blessed to have that knowledge and we are charged with the duty to share it with everyone. Any fear of sharing is lack of faith. FEAR NO MAN.

-Elder Kelly

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