Monday, February 1, 2016

The Only Thing that Grows without Hard Work is Weeds

Investigators! Last Sunday the two guys we met named Raymond and Nathaniel were doing so well last week and flying through lessons. Raymond seems to understand the lessons and concepts a little better than Nathaniel but that is ok; we can reteach them if we have to. We got both of them set on date for February 27th! Both have been keeping commitments of reading the scriptures and praying and it so awesome to talk about what they read from the Book of Mormon! Both committed to obey the Word of Wisdom and are striving to quit smoking and drinking. We met with them both three times this week and separately with each once. The daily contact is so important with an investigator like this. Raymond committed to live the law of chastity even though he is living with his significant other and said he will talk to her and figure things out so he can be baptized on the 27th! Both said they would come to church but Nathaniel was called into work and Raymond texted us Sunday morning saying he felt uncomfortable going because of his living situation. We are praying hard for both of them. 

            I have been trying to figure out how I can have more charity towards others because it has been too many times I catch myself judging others while I am teaching them. Really loving them has been a little bit hard. I read about charity from True to the Faith and the scriptures that it suggests to study. The spirit impressed upon me that I needed to take the same steps I would with any companion, actively seek the good. Its the same with temptation. We must continually fill our minds and actions with good so that there is no room for the bad. I need to fervently seek for the good in others so that there is no room for judgmental thoughts to creep in. Mosiah also reminded me, "are we not all beggars?" I depend greatly on the Lord for my strength and for my guidance just like everybody else does so how can I judge?

            This mission thing is so much fun!!! I love serving the Lord!

Elder Kelly

We found this gnarly moldy bread!  Gross

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