Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter is the Best

Well  a lot has happened this past week. We hadn't been able to meet with Jeanie for two week and finally got in to see her and Chris this past Friday. Jeanie was not in a good mood and you could tell there was a lot of contention in the house. We asked how they were preparing for the wedding and where they were with that whole thing. She said she wasn't ready for that kind of commitment yet. We tried our best to help invite the spirit into the meeting with little success. Chris made a comment that made Jeanie mad and she walked out. It was a really sad meeting to walk out of. They have felt the spirit testify of what we have taught. It is sad to see them kind of push it off farther and farther. We invited them out to church again for Easter but they didn't show up.

               Sabrina has been doing good. We met with her twice this week and she committed to study the scriptures every day FOR REAL this time. We send her a chapter from the bible and BofM every morning so she has something to read related to what her questions are and the lessons we last taught. She has been enjoying that I think. She was out of town for Easter so she didn't make it to church with us.

               The Avalos family finally committed to attend church with us on Easter! We were stoked! Confirmed the night before and then they didn't show up the next morning.

               Satan knows the importance of church. Obviously.

Easter Sunday was great!! I felt the spirit a ton! We just held a normal fast and testimony meeting and they asked everyone to keep the focus on Christ. Very powerful meeting. Then in Gospel Principles we watched the "Testimony of John". You should all go watch it. It should be on Then in Elders Quorum we discussed the talk "What Lack I Yet" from conference. Many prayers were answered yesterday.
Then for dinner we ate at the Skousen's home. They are a younger couple and we had a TON of food. Mashed potatoes, Ham, Rolls, Peas, Grape juice, and Crepes for dessert. Holy cow it was good.

Today for P-Day we went to our bishop's gymnastics gym and just messed
around the whole time. It has some tramps and basketball hoops that
we have been playing around at. It is pretty fun honestly.

I love you all.
I know Jesus Christ lives and has a perfect body. Because of him we can have eternal life. :)

Elder Kelly


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