Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What a Week #AMAZING

This week has been AMAZING!!!

To start it off we met with a girl named Kandice E. She is someone that we met almost two weeks ago but she was very kind and stayed in contact with us through text. (That never happens) We met with her on Monday night with a younger couple. We taught the restoration and it was such a great lesson! We found out as we talked that she knew a laurel in our ward and was in fact very close friends with her. It was a very spirit lead lesson and at the end she told us that she has never felt so happy in her life and couldn't wait to share it with her sister and the girl in our ward, Emma. She texted us later that night and told us that she had called Emma on the drive home and was so happy she had the opportunity to meet with us. Emma of course testified to her that it was indeed the Spirit that was giving her those feelings of happiness! Emma contacted us later that night as well and told us that she had in fact been fasting and praying for Kandice the day before!!! AMAZING.

Tuesday night was our first lesson with Sharon. Sharon is one of Emma's best friends as well who has come to church for the last two weeks! We taught her the restoration and it was an equally amazing lesson. Sharon had in fact read the entire first book of Nephi, the entire children's Book of Mormon for better understanding, and knew more church history than I myself know. (Not kidding) She basically told us that this just feels like where she needs to be. she just wants to gain an understanding from the lessons first! AMAZING! Oh and she is also way good friends with Kandice!

Wednesday we met with Kandice E. Again. This time we met at Emma's home. We taught her the plan of Salvation and at the end we asked her what she would do to obtain the Celestial Glory. "Anything and everything honestly." We then committed her to work towards baptism!
Not a definite date yet but AMAZING!

Thursday we had to take Elder Harrod to the mission home for an emergency transfer because another missionary was going home for surgery and president had a hole to fill.  Very sad to drop him off.   It was a weird feeling.

Friday was exchanges and I was with a very sick, very sneezy, very coughy, very tired missionary. I didn't catch it though!! AMAZING!

Saturday we watched conference which is obviously AMAZING. The first session we watched with Sabrina and she seemed to enjoy it. The last session we watched it with Brother Hall who is a part member family. He just had some hip surgery and so it was good for him to have some company for a little bit. We also watched the priesthood session with him.

Sunday morning we get a text from Sabrina. She was pretty upset with herself for some decisions she had made the past night and she asked if we could come over and teach her a lesson between sessions (which by the way she watched both sessions). The first session we watched at the Guthrie's home with a less active and his non member wife who we have been trying to build a relationship with so we can teach the wife who hasn't had good experiences with missionaries in the past. Sister Guthrie made us some pancakes with eggs, ham, strawberries, homemade butter milk syrup and whipped cream. It tasted AMAZING! After the session we went to Sabrina's apartment and taught her basically the Doctrine of Christ again and testified a lot of the redeeming power of the atonement. The spirit was very present. She too, after reading the story of Alma the younger's conversion/repentance story in Alma 36, Said, " I will do anything to have this exquisite joy. We then committed her to a new baptismal date of April 23rd instead of May 21 and scheduled to meet three times a week from now until then to help her be prepared for the big day. AMAZING!
The last session of conference we watched with Kandice, Sharon, and Emma's whole family. In fact they had watched all of Sunday's conference and absolutely loved it! AMAZING!!!

I know God lives and this work is impossible without the help we have from His son, Jesus Christ. I know that as we strive to be obedient to the commandments that God gives us we will be able to see so many blessings poured out upon each of our lives. This gospel truly is AMAZING!

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