Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fast and Testimony Meeting...Always a Hoot!

Great week! Elder Childress and I get along extremely well! He told me that my MTC comp (Who he trained) said that me and elder Childress were very similar. Kinda cool. He is super good at talking with everyone and it's so awesome! Makes me always want to try harder! He is from Gilbert AZ and graduated back in 2010. He used to have way long hair and rock a mustache! Like a long mustache. I'll send pictures.

Not going to tell much but just some crazy stuff from this past week.

Wednesday We got a call from a sister in our ward asking for help moving.

"Oh you and brother hall are moving out?" (They aren't married yet).
"No we split up last night"
"Oh ok, see you at 3"

We got there and she is like rushing to get this truck loaded and I'm thinking. "Am I helping this lady sneak out before her husband gets back from work?!" Oh well. When I went into the house at one point I saw this note written on the white board. Yup, she was sneaking out.  Kinda crazy!

Then when we went to teach some lessons and we were talking with a member and he straight up started bashing with us. Arguing about priesthood authority and such it was really weird.

Fast and testimony was the cherry on top for weirdness. The testimonies are great. Just one after another. Then we had a member get up right towards the end and start teaching some serious false doctrine. Always awkward. Then following that person another woman got up; a non-member. She gets up and starts declaring from the pulpit that she is so grateful for Doctor Roy Hall (member of our ward) for saving her life by bringing her to church. She is practically yelling and also decided to declare that she had unprotected sex with a professional athlete when she was a Chiefs cheerleader and had an HIV scare and Brother delivered the news that she was ok. She also asked the congregation to pray for her because she had cancer. It was the weirdest thing. Very nice lady just TMI!

Anyways, sorry I don't have a ton of time this week but I love you guys. Have an awesome Mother's Day!

-Elder Kelly

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