Thursday, April 28, 2016


Well this week was a good one because I LOVE change. Always motivates me to work harder. After emailing on Tuesday it was weird to think about being in the area without elder Katoa because I felt like all the work was our work because we had white washed in. I had this weird feeling that I was being left alone in the area to be a missionary by myself. It was a weird feeling. Then I was just stressing that my companion wasn't going to be as hard of a worker as elder Katoa and I was stressed all of Wednesday. Wednesday we did our best to get elder Katoa all packed in as short of a time as possible so we could still proselyte. 

Sabrina told us that she didn't want to meet anymore and was going to take what she had learned and apply it elsewhere. In an earlier lesson she said that she felt like God had led us to her. So why was she pushing something that God had led to her away from her. She couldn't give us an answer. She realized that it wasn't the best idea and we seemed to be OK by the end of the lesson. 

Thursday morning we woke up all anxious to see what was happening at transfers. We showed up and took some pictures and then went and read the roster with the transfer news. Elder Katoa is the zone leader in Platte city so he is now my zone leader and I'll still see him every P-day. My new companions name is Elder Childress. He is 24 years old and has been out for 6 months and just finished training my MTC comp, Elder Barlow! Kinda crazy. He has been out in the boons in Trenton and was in a branch. Coming to Parkville; he said that he has been in shell shock every time we drive around because there are so many people. He is a very hard worker and loves serving the Lord. Definitely someone I'm glad to serve with. In fact at the mid-trainers meeting me and him were asked to do a role play and afterwards I thought to myself, "He would be an awesome missionary to serve with!  So far everything has been really good! We get along way good and we both are trying to figure out what can make us more effective and efficient in our area. Our goal this transfer is to begin to up the ward effort by working more heavily though the ward missionaries. He is from Gilbert, AZ and so we are both really enjoying the heat that is starting to come back!

Good - bye Elder Katoa, see you on PDay

Elder Barlow, Elder Kelly, Elder Childress

Elder Childress, Elder Kelly

I hope you guys are working hard back home to spread the gospel with others who need it! Be anxiously engaged in a good cause! Be an agent unto yourself!  I know that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holly Ghost are to be the center of our life. Pray to see how you can further center your life on them!

Love Elder Kelly!

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Elder Kelly, Jeanie, Chris, Elder Katoa
Chris said, "Your parents are going to wonder who googlie eye is."

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