Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Spirit is the "Pump You Up Guy" in Missionary Work

Brother Mark Anderson, a ward missionary, with his two "body guards"

Well Last Monday we had to stay back at the apartment again because we are tight on miles. I won't lie those days are always long. The reason we had to save on miles is because we had two trainings this week. One training was down in Lenexa, Kansas with three other zones and the other at our stake center.  I will have to say again (I'm pretty sure I have said this before) but the meetings and trainings we have when missionaries get to together get me so psyched and pumped up to work harder and hit the ground running.  Well Tuesday was the training down in Lenexa. This training was quite a special one because we had a 70, Elder Hamula come and speak to us. The whole focus of the training was about what is repentance. The things that spoke to me are as follows:
- The reason I am serving here in Missouri Independence Mission is so I can learn how to repent. (I had been praying the previous week that I would be able to know why I was here.)
- Self Mastery is the key to repentance.  When we can learn to constantly turn to Christ by doing the small things over and over and over such as not swearing, eating healthily, watching better movies.
Even smaller: not speeding, getting out of bed when your alarm goes off, stop eating when your full even though it is so delicious. In reality anything that is enticing because of the natural man in each of us. The matter of the task does not become easier but instead our power to do is increased. (I'm paraphrasing a quote I can't remember verbatim).
- What is the center of Christ teachings? What is the most important thing? Elder Hamula taught that it is repentance because Christ taught that it is faith unto repentance, and baptism through repentance. Both point back at repentance. If we can learn what true repentance is then our ability to be what the Lord needs us to be is quickened.

So I would ask each of you reading this what are you working on changing at this time in your life. Can't think of one? or maybe you aren't making progress?  Be specific, set a goal, account on your efforts to the Lord and you will be able to become a true follower of Christ.  I decided to focus on my language. James 3:1-13 has given me a strong amount of hope that I can become as Christ one day as I consistently strive to refine and edify my language.

Caught checking out the sunset.

Sweet sunset with a storm rolling in.

Anyways story time.
We exchanged at the end of the meeting and I headed back to Parkville with Elder Staheli. We went throughout the rest of the day following our plans. Around 7:30 we felt that we weren't going where we needed to go. We pulled over, prayed for guidance on where we need to be. We went to the first street that popped in my head and went there anxious to see the Lord's hand in our efforts. It is an apartment complex and we knocked one door and had a good conversation but the guy wasn't interested. We walked down the street a little further to an apartment Elder Staheli wanted to go to and we saw a lady outside sitting on her porch. We went up and we were able to have a very constructive conversation about the restoration. She is Catholic and said that she always seeks guidance from the Holy Spirit even when it tells her things she doesn't want to do. She said she would pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. She even kept saying, "what you guys are saying is totally possible. I never thought of it in that way." We testified heavily as we taught and the Spirit was definitely present!  Love those experiences. Haven't had a return appointment yet but we are praying and reaching out.

Elder Staheli and I after a sweaty day of work

Friday was zone training. The zone leaders told us that after a survey that was sent to each missionary, President Vest gathered that less than half of the missionaries serving in this mission get up on time.  😳😮.....💀. They challenged us to strive to always have perfect mornings in reference to the schedule because it is how you get a kick start for your day. We are already doing pretty well as a mission so it will be exciting to see what will change as more of the mission strives to be exactly obedient.

After zone training we exchanged with the zone leaders and I went to Platte City with Elder Katoa! Woot Woot! We were both pretty pumped for the exchange and we had a good time working hard that evening.  Every now and then it felt like it was the beginning of my mission again.

This week we found 3 solid new investigators!!
-Jordan was a potential and we had stopped by his house a few times when we had the chance because he lives right by us. We taught him the full restoration and set up a return appointment. He is a young adult and those are my favorite people to teach by far.
- Evalyn is a lady who said that she has talked to missionaries back in her native country.  We taught her the plan of salvation and she said she wanted to keep meeting with us and we set another meeting up.
- Dalton is a kid around my age who is pretty religious and was willing to let us come back by the same evening we met him. We were just driving down the street and Elder Childress said, "Let's go knock that house."
"I don't know"
Knocked and it was definitely the spirit leading Elder Childress. We have taught him two lessons now.

I love and miss you all and would just give a friendly reminder that God needs you to be a good example to those around you searching for truth. Be sure to let you right shine!!
-Elder Kelly

Dinner at the McCarter home.  
Elder Childress and Elder Kelly

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