Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week 26...Weird

I don't have a lot of time to write today. But I'll give you a low down of all the good stuff that is worth mentioning.

Found out some really sad news on Thursday. We went over to Chris and Jeanie's home to just make a daily contact. Well we knocked the door and nobody was there and as we were walking back to our car Chris pulled up. Him and his brother get out of the car. He told us that him and Jeanie had split up and that she moved back to her hometown. Kind of a HUGE shocker to us since neither of them decided to text us the news when it happened a couple days before. So unfortunately, she now lives really far away but on the good side hopefully this allows for Chris to step his game up and get fully active. Just pray that the missionaries will be able to find her down there soon. We would send missionaries by through but we don't have an address or phone number for her and neither does Chris. :(

Denice is a new investigator who said she would come to church but unfortunately she decided to not tell us she needed a ride until right when church was starting. We as humans make some funny choices sometimes I must say. But she will be coming next week for sure because we were able to help establish an awesome relationship with a couple in our ward that was super kind to her. Missionary members are the best people on the planet! BE ONE!
Sorry it is so short.

I love the Lord Jesus Christ. So fascinating to think of the love He has for us individually.
Show Him your love by being true to his gospel!

-Elder Kelly

(Elder Atwood top center.)
 This is what it takes to bail an Elder out of Jail

Tuesday night We got a call from the Tiffany Springs Elders. The call went something like this.
"Hello this is Elder Childress"
"Hey Elder Childress this is Elder McLaws"
"What's up?"
"Soooo... Elder Atwood just got arrested and President told the Zone Leaders to go bail him out of jail and I need you guys to come pick me up because I am sitting here alone breaking a lot of missionary rules."
"Serious.....? Holy crap..... Ok send us your address we will be right there."

Apparently Elder Atowood had a ticket from a few months ago for a dead tail light that he thought was a warning. When he got pulled over the cop saw that there was a warrant out for his arrest and hand cuffed him right there and took him to the Platte County Jail. Such a funny story.

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