Monday, July 18, 2016

Members are EVERYTHING

What is UP!!!!!
So this past week has been really fun! 
On Tuesday we went and saw a guy named Lyndon who is an inactive member of the Community of Christ church. We sat down with him and he started talking about how much he loves the Book of Mormon and D&C. WEIRD.  How are we supposed teach this guy if he already thinks the first vision took place and that the Book of Mormon is true? We just went from the direction of, Is Thomas s. Monson a prophet of God? He said he would pray about it and we could come back later in the week. Well we came back and watched the talk choices with him and he seemed to enjoy it pretty well. He said he felt like he is part of God's church already but is willing to pray and fast again this week to know. Fingers crossed he is able to recognize his answer and have the softened heart to receive one.

Our other really awesome success this week was with Sarah Petty we were able to see her 3 times this past week. Two of the meetings were lessons and they were both with brother and sister Bastow. BEST MEMBERS EVER. Sarah's friend, Ashley Pasley is out of town so we had to do it somewhere else. The Bastows let us come on over and were immediately so friendly to her. They are new move ins for medical school and are in their twenties. Sarah felt comfortable and was pretty open with us and it really helped us be able to address her struggles and concerns. The Bastows were bearing strong testimony of the power of the atonement as we taught and there were a lot of tears all around. We invited her to be baptized on the 6th of August and she said she would think about it. Our second meeting was just as awesome and Sarah said that she is considering baptism seriously now! On Saturday she came to a baptism for another ward and seemed to really enjoy it. The stake president talked to her as did president Vest! So AWESOME! On the way home she said she would come to church the next day and she did! She said she was praying to know if she should be baptized. No answer yet. 

Transfers are this week so it's probably my last week in Parkville :( But this place is so awesome and who knows, I still might stay another transfer. That would be crazy! 

Love you guys
Elder Kelly

Elder Kelly, Brother MacNeil, Elder Childress

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