Monday, July 18, 2016

Olathe, Kansas

What is up everybody!! This past week has been kind of nuts!! So transfers were on Thursday and I am now serving in the Olathe 2nd Ward which is in Olathe, Kansas. It is a pretty nice area that is a lot more flat than Parkville, MO. It feels a lot like I'm back in Vegas or Utah. It is weird. I am follow up training Elder Wright! He is a stud.  He was being trained by Elder Butterfield who was an assistant to the president when I came out. Elder Butterfield is like a legend in the mission for his missionary skills. Big shoes to fill for sure. Elder Wright is from SLC and graduated in 2015. He is taller than me so we definitely turn heads as if the shirt, tie, and tag didn't already do that. We share the Ward with sister missionaries. Sister Jackson and Sister Garay. Sister Jackson was in my MTC district and we are excited to serve with the sisters in this Ward. Thankfully these sisters are super hard workers. Hopefully we can get double the work done and change the culture of this Ward.
On Monday before transfers I was called as a district leader as well so I have a lot of new things to learn that I honestly have no idea about. It is almost funny at how much I don't know. I feel like I am back at the beginning of my mission again. This district has 7 companionships in it, 4 of which are sister companionships. More sister than elders doesn't happen very often. 2 of the companionships are The Zone Leaders and Sister Trainer Leaders. Elder Heinrichsen from Shadow Ridge is my zone leader again :)
On Thursday me and Elder Wright went to the stake center to weekly plan and coordinate with the sisters about splitting up the Ward roster and such. There were other companionships there; one of which was the Sister Trainer Leaders. They came up to me.
"Hey you're the new district leader right?"
"Sweet! Do you think you could do a baptismal interview tomorrow for us?"
I seriously just started laughing because I had no idea how to conduct one. Nonetheless we planned for the interview the following day. I interviewed Juliano. Super strong testimony builder for me that the things we do as missionaries really do help people come closer to Christ. Sometimes it is hard to really remember that. He told me a lot about his conversion. The sisters only started teaching him about 3-4 weeks ago. The spirit was present and truly led the conversation.  Very grateful for all these extra opportunities to serve!

Also grateful for Elder Wright because he could tell I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and he was just being encouraging and positive.  Always nice to be trained by the trainee :)

Hope you all are seeking to change everyday and find out what the Lord needs you to do. Show your love for the Lord by seeking not your own.

Love Elder Kelly.

Btw my email is messed up so I won't be replying to anything else. I was only able to read dads email.  

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