Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Transfers :(

So this week Elder Wright received the news that he will be training a new missionary! We were pumped and sad and excited and sad. This transfer has flown by and it is sad to see the companionship get spit.  We have had a ton of fun and it will be interesting to see who leaves or stays. We find out tomorrow so I'll just shoot you all a text when we get the news! Just Kidding. Not kidding; I almost started to dial numbers for home to ask some questions about things and then I remember that I can't do that. Funny how your brain remembers and forgets things so fast.
Anyways. The normal thing would be that Elder Wright stays and I leave but we will see. Maybe the Lord will throw a curve ball on us and I'll stay and he will go whitewash or follow up train somewhere else.

The Atagi family and Paul's family did not make it to church this week unfortunately because both of them had family stuff come up that pulled them else where. Should both be back in full swing this next week.

District Meeting this past week went really well! We talked about Baptism and the Love of the Savior and there was such a strong spirit there as we discussed these topics. Always so nice to have the spiritual pump ups to keep you moving forward. Sister Hunt trained on the Love of the Savior and invited us to each take five minutes out of the day and ponder the Savior and His atonement that was made in our behalf. You should try it!!! Powerful to have the savior on your mind throughout the day.
We have one sister in our district who is "Dying" this transfer so we took some funny pictures after.

District Meeting

E Merrill, E Roberts, E Wright, E Kelly
S Fletcher, S Pope, S Whitehead, S Hunt, S Garay, S Jackson, S Fletcher, S Flake

Sister Whitehead is on her way home.

Not going to lie Elder Wright and I have really struggled finding new investigators here in Olathe 2nd. We have found 1 new investigator in the last 6 weeks. (Just in case you didn't know that is really bad) we are curious what any of you have seen or done to find more of God's children to teach. So if you could email us any cool ideas. We would love to try them out!!

Anyways love you all. Don't forget to read the scriptures and brush your teeth!!!
Seriously though. One cannot have a happy life without both :)

Elder Kelly

 Paul's wife, Sister Nudson, collected Beanie Babies as a kid and had hundreds. 
These are some of the last ones she has. She let us each take one.
So naturally we had a photo shoot with them. 

Bought a member in our Ward a tie at Burlington today.

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  1. Love reading your blogs and all of the pictures this time!