Monday, September 26, 2016


The weeks fly by. Already half way through September??? Weird.
Elder Taylor and I are having a pretty good time here in the Raytown Ward.

For the last three months a big focus in the mission is having the faith to pull down the powers of heaven to facilitate miracles. At zone training two weeks ago we invited the zone to read a talk called, "The Challenging and Testifying missionary". It is an amazing talk and everyone who participates in missionary work should read it. Well a big focus of it is to invite, invite, invite and testify, testify, testify so you can see and find those who are really prepared to follow the voice of the Lord. So more often than not we extend baptismal invitations in our first contact with people on the streets, at doors, etc. And it works.
1. The missionaries personally become more amped and bold in their work as we started to realize that there really are those out there who are prepared to receive this message. Just in the last two weeks we all have been able to feel the spirit so much more because we are so much more focused on helping people feel the comforting feeling of the spirit and then extend an invitation to see if they will act on the feeling they are having.
2. We have been forwarding out each of our miracles to the zone so that we can all see the miracles flow throughout the day. Nothing boosts your morale more than when you get a text saying that someone accepted a baptismal invitation in their first or second contact with missionaries. You start to walk with a little bit more speed in your step and focus in your thoughts.
3. We have been able to testify plainly and boldly to people simply about how aware God is of each of them. Often times we distinctly feel prompted to go talk to people yet they aren't interested in learning more or meeting with us. So we testify to them that we were sent from God and that we know even though they may be in a low spot at this time in their life (because more often than not they are) that God has a plan for them and that they can choose to be happy or sad in this life because of Jesus Christ and the Atonement that he performed. It is powerful to see the Spirit pull down walls of fear or doubt when we testify to people about this. They almost always walk away with a smile on their face and a slight glint in their eye. Probably one of the most fulfilling things we get to do.

We are teaching one of the families in the ward the lessons and on Friday we were teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have 7 kids that are all pretty young and so we needed to get their wiggles out and Elder Taylor suggested we play a quick game of Shurrades (not sure how to spell that). Well all the kids went first and it was funny to watch them impersonate animals and other things. Then it was Elder Taylor's turn. He is obsessed with Spiderman so he came in swinging on webs and fighting off bad guys. Super funny and then I came out walking on my knuckles like a monkey and started jumping up and down screaming like a chimpanzee. We were all laughing pretty hard at the end of everyone's turn.
It is pretty cool I won't lie to see children the age of 4-10 understand the doctrines of the gospel. Which by the way if you haven't seen the kids bible videos yet you need to go watch them. They have young kids describe events in Christ's life. Very powerful.

Hope all is well and beautiful!

E. Kelly

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