Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cameron Is a Happy Man

Well it has been one busy week!
Tuesday we found out that Cameron could be baptized this weekend!!
Elder Taylor and I were pretty animated about it.

Elder Kelly and Elder Taylor

This is Patrick Murphy.  He is a recent convert of a year.  He has MS and cannot walk
so three times a week we go visit with him and continue to teach him.  He is probably
 the funniest person I have met.  We love to take him out with us. Thursday he joined
us at the visitors center.  (Elder Beyeler thinks his guns are bigger than mine.  He is wrong.) 

Wednesday night we were on exchanges with the Assistants and Elder Beyeler came with me to my area and E. Taylor left to the other area.  Elder Beyeler is awesome and I really enjoyed the exchange. That night we went to the Liberty Jail with Cameron and Brother Clark. When we picked up Cameron he came out of his house looking low down. I asked if he was doing alright. Apparently the night before he was jumped and robbed while he walked home from work. They took his phone and wallet.  It has been very apparent how much Satan does not want Cameron to be baptized. But Cameron just being himself said he hopes those men can one day see the happier life style they can live. Not the slightest tone of malice in his voice. WOW!

The spirit at LJ was so strong and it was perfect because Cameron could apply the principles that JS learned while in LJ. Then on Thursday morning we took Cameron to the Visitors Center and watched one of the new Meet the Mormons videos the church came out with. The one we watched is called "The Horseman" We taught a lesson based off the principals found in the video on eternal marriage and temple work.  (Kind of crazy I'm pretty sure Lindsey Kelly was in it for a split second. Someone needs to check on that for me.)

Friday was Zone Training and it was a lot of fun! One sister trained on faith and hope but went about it in an interesting way. She told us to identify some of our hopes and fears. She invited us to take every fear we had written down and find a scripture that can answer that; can take that fear and replace it with faith. Very powerful exercise with scripture.

Elder Kelly, Cameron, Elder Taylor

Saturday was the baptism and it was AWESOME! Cameron was so happy and there were a good amount of members who attended. As we sang the opening hymn we all sang very animated and loud! It was so powerful to be sitting in the front of the room and hear the power of each person singing behind me. Cameron asked elder Taylor to baptize him and he was very excited about that. I had mentioned before Cameron has a lot of really unique experiences with the spirit. Well as he and Elder Taylor were changing back into their suits Cameron said, "You want to know something kind of crazy?"
E. Taylor "Sure"
"About a year ago I was with my dad and I had a very distinct impression to go to Dallas. So I acted on it and went to Dallas, TX seeking work so I could move there but nothing ever happened so I left. Well I ended up here in MO and one of the missionaries that teaches me is named Dallas... Kind of cool huh?"
Elder Taylor and I did indeed think it was "cool" to say the least.
The next day Elder Clark confirmed Cameron!
So exciting to see people act on the message of the restoration!

Love you all!
- E. Kelly

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  1. Cameron looks very happy. He will remember you elders all of his life. Good Work!