Monday, November 21, 2016

End of Transfer #7

Only missing one companionship at morning
sports so we snapped a picture.

Well this week was one tiring week.
Unfortunately Brother Fish (mailman) did not make it to church this last Sunday so his baptismal date will have to be pushed back. We were able to meet with him twice last week. We taught the plan of salvation one of the times at the Visitors Center and the other lesson was at the scripture study class elder Taylor and I do every Thursday also at the VC. Elder Taylor and I go back and forth on who teaches each week and this last week was on chapter 6-11 of the Book of Mormon. We talked about how to receive personal revelation. It has been really fun being able to teach those every other week.

We received a bible referral and contacted them Monday night. Well the referral was for a woman named Adrain Taylor and she let us right in.
We walked into a bit of a shocking atmosphere for Raytown, MO. When we came in the house was extremely tidy and clean. Not just kind of clean but REALLY clean. That never happens. Elder Taylor, Josh Thieme (Vegas Missionary) and I were all so pleased when we walked in. We told her that her house is the cleanest house we had seen in a long time and we were so happy to be there. We gave her the bible she requested and introduced the Book of Mormon. Her niece was also there, Shae. As we taught the two of them Sister Taylor said, "Y'all just invite such a strong presence into the room. WOW I can just feel it in my stomach" *best words a missionary can hear*. She is already religious and she was able to identify that feeling as the spirit immediately. Shae wasn't quite as amped but that's ok.
We came back the following night and taught them again but we also were able to invite Sister Taylor's two kids, Ronnisha and Rannell, to join in with us. We invited the four of them to be baptized and they accepted! Unfortunately they were not able to make it to church this last weekend. 
:( But hopefully we will be meeting with them again tonight or tomorrow. Nothing is set yet but she told us to call her today.

Elder Taylor will probably be transferred this week :( hopefully I have a fun companion for the holidays and not a grinch like Erika did.  Haha. I am pumped for Thanksgiving this next week. We are eating with our ward mission leader's wife's family. She is a Polynesian  and they love food and they love family. We were told to meet at the church building and expect about 150 people there with the biggest spread of food you have ever seen. Polynesians really can make quite the spread of food. So it should be sweet.

Proud of my perfectly made bed.

There was an awesome miracle in the zone this week! I was on exchanges in the Inde 4th ward with E. Call on Thursday. There is an investigator there named Allen Perrin who is such a nice guy but has been investigating the church for 5 years now. He had various reasons for not joining the church that were always changing. Well we went by to see him and had a plan to invite him to be baptized two days later on Saturday. We talked about the Doctrine of Christ and how he was procrastinating the days of his repentance and missing out on the blessings. Well he told us that he was waiting for his Mormon friend to be in town in December to do it. But after a phone call to his friend and by the end of the lesson he accepted the invitation and was baptized two days later! We were all in shock and awe at how the Lord had softened his heart and how exciting it was to see Allen let the spirit in.

I know that we can all have peace in our lives as we let the spirit in. We have the power to choose between good and evil, happiness and sorrow each day. Those choices are what lead us to Heavenly Father in the end. What a blessing it is that the Lord has left it up to us.

Got to run!
E. Kelly

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