Monday, November 21, 2016


Well Elder Taylor was transferred on Thursday :(. But it's ok I can be a big kid and not cry about it. It is sad to see him go though. He was moved down to the Olathe zone where I used to be with Elder Bleak.  Elder Bleak's old companion, Elder Odland, is now my companion. So we basically just traded companions. It's like that weird family show that used to be on tv where they would switch spouses. Anyways.

Elder Odland came out on his mission from Maine where he went to high school. But he is originally from Layton as well. He went to middle school with Elder Taylor which is kind of crazy. First day we rearranged the entire apartment and it is so much better now. Elder Taylor and I were always to lazy to actually move it so transfers was a perfect opportunity.

Brother Fish has been really into the Book of Mormon this past week.
He came to the scripture study class on Thursday and then came to church on Sunday too! The gospel principles teachers didn't show up so we read through 3 Nephi 11 with the class and broke down the doctrine of Christ. We have some awesome members that were helping Brother Fish answer his questions he was asking. I love proactive members that actually live the gospel. It's so exciting to see.

I'm not sure if you remember James and Sivita but we taught James again at the Vistors Center. He wanted to know how to choose between the church he used to go to and our church and so we invited him to "experiment upon the word" and pray to have a manifestation from the spirit which one was the one he should go to when he came to church the next day. But he didn't come to church :(

On Saturday elder Odland went by this woman's house named Mary McMillen who we had told we would help out with some yard work a while back but never did go. So we went by and raked up all her leaves and bagged them. She came out and was very appreciative of our service.
She asked if she could get a ride to church and of course we set her up with one. But then she woke up sick Sunday morning and also wasn't able to make it out to church.

But that is ok the church is still true and I still love missionary work!

I think my favorite part of missionary work is that the success is in the invitation. We can invite, invite, invite and have no one come into the church but that does not mean we are failures. The Savior invites each of to come unto him and partake of eternal life but we know that from the beginning many of our brothers and sisters still chose to take the other road. Does that mean that the Savior failed in his mission as the Savior and Redeemer of mankind? No.

"We will come to understand that success in sharing the gospel is inviting people with love and genuine intent to help them, no matter what their response." - Dallin H. Oaks

Love you guys!
E. Kelly

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