Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Back Row:Elder Anderson (knows Megan hatch),Elder Shawgo, Me, Elder Fowlks, Elder Odland, Elder Kirham
Front: Sister Farnsworth, Sister Rowley, Sister Jones, Sister G.C., Sister Soto, Sister Bench

It was a great week!
Elder Odland had a goal to have a member out with us every day and we were able to have a member out with us 5 of the 7 days! This week we should be able to reach that goal for sure. It has been awesome to hear and have their testimonies in our lessons! People sometimes trust them more than us too because they don't have tags and ties on.

Monday night we went and contacted a bible referral named Betty. She was so nice and her husband, Arthur, joined us for our lesson. We talked and testified about the Book of Mormon and they committed to read it.  We haven't been able to re connect with them so we will see if that goes anywhere.

When your scheduled appointment never shows up.

We had an appointment that night with a guy named Kemar who never showed up to the lesson. We were never able to reconnect with him either and just now as I'm writing this he texted us and said that he was sorry we had never connected but wants to move forward now so that will be exciting.

We were able to meet with Brother Fish this week at the VC on Wednesday and it was a great lesson! Downstairs in one of the rooms there are these pictures that an LDS painter did of Christ and the pioneers. Sister Soto and Sister Bench helped us teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the paintings and it was awesome to see him begin to understand the atonement. He listens very well and is really fun to teach. We invited him to be baptized on the 11 and we are moving forward with that day! We are excited. The two sisters did a great job too! They are awesome teachers and I think Brother Fish really enjoyed getting to know other missionaries.  He came to church this Sunday as well! He really enjoys the talks.

The Jordan Family.  They're great.  She was baptized back in August 
and her husband became active again at that time.  

James, Sivita, J-Breanna came to church this week too! Not sure that James and Sivita liked it but I think J-Breanna really enjoyed young women's.

SUPER CRAZY! There is a kid named Johnathan Castillo in my ward who I met in the MTC! We sat next to each other when Elder Anderson came and spoke to us. It was exciting when we realized we already knew each other.

Twice this week we had things fall through and we said a prayer and were led to people who were brought to tears from the things we shared. It is so wonderful being led by the spirit each day!

Love you guys!
Elder Kelly

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