Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas is Always Fun

Christmas was great!
This week was kind of weird but. There was some good stuff that happened.

We were able to be secret Santa for two families in the area and it was so much fun!! We went shopping with a couple in our ward and they helped us shop because we kept running out of ideas! They were very helpful. One of the families texted us and wished us a Merry Christmas and they mentioned that they had had a great Christmas because some one had been their secret Santa and it invited the Christmas spirit!

Service really is the best part of the Christmas season. It interesting that the time of year that we focus the most on Christ is the same time of the year that we do the most service for others. As we draw closer to Christ we do more of what he did.

Love you guys!
Elder Kelly

Puppies at our Christmas Dinner

The Ward Mission Leader with his family.
Tony getting psyched in the back

We framed the Ward Mission Leader's picture from LDS Tools
and gave it to him for Christmas

We made corn chowder.
Then I was sick on Christmas Eve from it.

Delivering Presents

Korinda Byzeck
We framed this picture and gave it to her for Christmas

Ice Storm

It is freezing!

Morning Sports

Every time the Chiefs get a sac it's BOGO!

Elder Kelly and Elder Odland

Made it to the gas station just in time!

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