Monday, January 2, 2017

Transfers Again!!

Well I'm no longer serving in the independence zone. I am now in the Overland Park 2nd ward which is in the Lenexa zone!
My companion is Elder Conley! I served around him for 6 months in my first area and I'm so excited to serve with him. He served with elder Katoa back in the day. So far we get along very well. Everything is just so unified it's great. Oh! And we are in a nicer part of the mission and our apartment is way nicer than the last one.  Makes it way easier to keep clean because I'm just motivated because it's nice.
Elder Conley is from Cottonwood Heights Utah.

Thus far the ward is so awesome! The bishop is somewhere in his 30s.
He actually used to be best friends with Elder Conley's older brother over 10 years ago pretty crazy. There is so much going on here too!
The ward has a lot of energy and so we are making plans to go to the ward council with the Part member Families in the ward that we want to either help become active again or help the non-members in the family feel welcome in the ward. There is a soup and bread event happening at the end of this month that we are hoping to help everyone come to.
This last week we did a lot of rearranging to give us more space in the apartment and so far it's great. Every time we walk in and it smells nice and it looks nice I'm so excited. It's great.
We went and taught a part member family by the names of Melody and Monte. Melody isn't a member and Monte is.  Both have crazy backgrounds but have changed a lot through Christ. We taught the restoration and Monte was able to bear testimony to his wife of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Very powerful testimony.

Elder Childress just served here and so it's been fun to talk about all cool things about him and elder Katoa with elder Conley. The ward loved Elder Childress.

Cool miracle and then I have to go. So back in Parkville (first area) we went on exchanges and I left the area. Elder Childress stayed and while they were out working they met a lady named Carole who was somewhat interested. Well after I got moved out of the area she started being taught but ended up moving out of the area. Well elder Childress got moved to this area a couple months later and figured out that had moved here! She was taught and baptized within two weeks.
Well now elder Conley are teaching her all the lessons again.
Definitely a cool miracle for elder Childress and I'm so glad I got to meet her because I've heard so much about her.

I love ya!!!
E. Kelly

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