Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekly Email

This week has been an interesting one with all the weird weather and such. Elder Conley started off the week with a lesson that our bishop came to with us. We were teaching a woman named Jennifer Ornelas. She is married (we haven't met the husband) and has two kids. She has been taught before by previous missionaries but doesn't want to move forward with baptism with out her husband who doesn't show much interest at all. So Bishop on the fly invited her over to have FHE with the whole family. That will be happening tonight and we are pretty excited. There is also a soup and bread activity this weekend that we are hoping they will be able to come that will help soften her husbands heart.

Tuesday we had dinner with the Cox family. When we went inside they had a large amount of Kansas City Joes BBQ.  Holy cow (no pun intended) it was delicious. It's probably the only BBQ I've liked so far. So so good.

On Wednesday we went over and taught a man named Ivan. He speaks Spanish and lives with his mom with his two kids. His mom is Sister Diaz who is an active member of our ward. His two kids are also baptized members. These lesson can feel quite long for me but hey it's ok.. I still get to help make the lesson plans at least. We always make sure we bring with us another Spanish speaker from the ward and they help Elder Conley teach. It has been funny getting a report on what happens after the lesson because I can get a general sense of what is being taught and talked about but no details until after. On Wednesday we invited him to be baptized on the 8th of Feb and he accepted! Then on Saturday when we visited him again. Elder Conley was discussing the baptism and I guess they wanted to move the date up a few days. I didn't find this out until a few hours later when we were talking to the ward mission leader in correlation. Kind of funny.

Well Wednesday night we found out there was supposed to be a huge ice storm that was supposed to start Thursday night and go through the weekend. If it was going to go as predicted everything was going to be coated in about an inch and a half of ice. People were dooms day prepping out here. I guess Walmart on Thursday night was very very busy. I was kind of excited I won't lie. However each day it would kind of freeze but never hold at the freezing temperatures long enough to really do anything. Everything was cancelled. School, work, all of it was cancelled on Friday. But then nothing happened. I think it hit way harder on the east side of the mission but out here in Kansas we just had a wet and could weekend.

Sunday church was cancelled and the fleet was grounded for part of the day. We finished up a report we had and called a large chunk of the ward roster and made sure they all knew about the ward soup and bread activity this weekend. We invited all of them to invite a friend as well. Hopefully we will be able to see some new faces at the party!

Just finished Luke and John! So good to get all the extra stories that are in those two books I loved it. Now I'm going to read 3 Nephi 9- through the end. Pumped to get the next part of Christ's earthly ministry.

I love you guys Have a good week.

Elder Conley and Elder Kelly

Mmm can't wait to eat this!

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