Monday, January 30, 2017

Overland Park 2nd Ward

My companion is Elder Conley.
We are having a lot of fun thus far!

Elder Conley in the Flesh

Lexena Zone

In this ward there is so much opportunity for part member family work.
We were able to meet with over three different families that were part members. The most successful one was a couple. They actually got married in Vegas in "The Little Neon Chapel". It wasn't on the fly or anything like that they just wanted to get married in Vegas.
We taught them the restoration and as we taught there was such a good spirit that entered into the room. As we visited with them Kathy bore her testimony of the power of prayer and her husband Jerry told us that he would read the Book of Mormon. My favorite part about teaching people is it is almost impossible for there not to be a Spirit in the room if the people are at least listening.

We also found a couple that we taught the restoration to. As we shared the first vision that same Spirit came into the room. Very subtle but definitely there. They committed as well to read from the Book of Mormon!

Elder Conley and I have been talking about goal setting this week and we have been super focused on the goals we set. It makes for much more productive weeks and you feel so accomplished! It's great.

In our ward right now there is a member missionary class that is three weeks long and they are taught how they can become more powerful member missionaries. All of the material is pulled from the book "Power of an Every Day Missionary". I recommend giving it a read.
Makes missionary work for members way more digestible.

The members in this ward are also so motivated and happy to do everything it feels like. We have a bread and soup activity in the ward that we set a goal to have at least non members there from invites by the members. We have left them with that commitment in every dinner this last week and all of the members are excited for it.

So Elder Conley are trying to keep our work outs amped and right now I'm trying to do this thing where I do ten burpees every minute for ten minutes. I guess I'm just weak sauce but I made it my transfer goal because I have a long way to go. Haha. You guys should try it.

Anyways I love you guys!

E. Kelly

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