Monday, April 24, 2017

Sick as a Dog

Well we had planned to have Jim's baptism on the 22nd but after our lesson with him on Sunday night we were unsure about it because he was having a hard time comprehending some of he basic doctrines. Monday night we did a baptismal interview with him to see where he was at and he actually was doing pretty well. We saw where he was at and we were able to cover the things he was struggling with again over the next three days. He had his real baptismal interview on Thursday by Elder Brinkerhoff. Jim doesn't smile very often but when he does it is he best.   Well on Saturday at 7 he was baptized! He seemed very happy the whole time. I was also blessed with the opportunity to baptize and confirm him. I'll be sure to include some pictures. I was a little worried when we got into the water because the water was at my knees but it worked out fine and only took one try. 

Baptism day for Jim!

Tuesday morning we met with a girl named Kelsey. We had street contacted her two weeks prior and used the Prince of Peace video to introduce her to the gospel. We were able to have our appointment and she seems pretty open and honest. She has struggled with her relationship with God and seemed excited to strengthen it through the Book of Mormon. We had a retired member of the ward come with us named Brother Clay. He teaches really well and invited the Spirit through his testimony. We called Kelsey later in the week to confirm our appointment for tomorrow and to see how her reading has been going. She told us that her and her aunt were going to come check out church this up coming week.

Wednesday Elder Limón got hit hard with head cold. He had a fever and had a hard time breathing, etc. so we were inside for most of Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. But he has finally been able to start recovering. We were able to call a lot of people from the area book and actually got a hold of some people that had been taught back in 2007 and set up some appointments. Kind of cool.

So sick :(

We were unable to meet with Tyler this week but we were able to meet with James and Brandy who had requested a large print Bible a few weeks earlier. We taught both of them but they had some concerns about prophets and such. We taught their little kids I Am a Child of God and they ate it up. We will be meeting with them later this week.

I testify that repentance is real. If you want be forgiven, or if you want to change, turn to Heavenly Father in prayer, take the necessary steps to be fully forgiven and to fully forsake. I testify that Jesus Christ overcame death and sin. We too can overcome death and sin if we will but live the Doctrine of Christ. Exercise faith in Jesus Christ, repent, renew and make your baptismal covenant, invite the Holy Ghost into your life by honoring the promises you have made to God, and continue in righteousness for the remainder of your life. This is the only way to truly find joy in this life. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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