Monday, April 24, 2017

This Week Has Been Really Good

This week has been really good! If all of our lessons would have gone through we would have found ten new investigators. This week if everything goes through we will find 20+ new investigators. That will be a miracle. But we are shooting for it!

We met with Jim I think 4 or 5 times this week. He is doing very well but he is having a harder time comprehending everything. We pushed his baptism back to next weekend just to make sure he is ready for the interview. He has been reading a little bit from the Book of Mormon but we are not sure how much he is understanding.

Elder Kelly, Jim, Elder Limon

We were unable to meet with Georgette and Tay but we will be meeting with them twice this week. 

Sunday night we were hoping to find a new investigator and we met a guy named Tyler Dodson. Tyler was going to start his laundry as we were trying one of our potentials. We asked if we could talk with him as he loaded the laundry. We explained what we were doing and asked if we could come in and share more. He kindly declined and we started to walk back up the stairs towards the exit. He had explained to us that he had just finished going through a divorce and was pretty down in the dumps. You could tell we had been led to him because of his situation, attitude, and questions. Right before we left we stopped him one more time and bore testimony of the difference it would make in his life. We also testified that what we share isn't just another religion or idea. This was the truth! He said "Alright you can come up." We shared the restoration and the Prince of Peace video with him. He made several comments in our conversation about how he thinks God may have possibly led us to him. It was a spirit filled lesson and E. Limón and I are looking forward to our lesson with him next Sunday. He reminds of some of the YSA guys from back home.

Elder Limon and Elder Kelly

Thursday we had Zone Conference in Olathe again and me and Elder Limón led a discussion on faith for about 20 minutes. We focused on 1 Nephi 16 and the brother of Jared's experience. It turned out a lot better than we had expected. 

Love you guys!

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