Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6 Months Baby!

No I do not have 6 months left in my mission! This last week was transfers and I get to stay in Overland Park 2nd ward for a fourth transfer!!! (AKA 6 months) WOOT WOOT!

Let see where to start!

Monday was a weird day. Sorry my email was so lame. All I sent were those two pictures and a few paragraphs. But it will be better this week. Nothing really happened Monday night after Preparation Day.

Tuesday we had the opportunity to visit with Carole Kay. We see her once a week and is the lady that Elder Childress found in Parkville and then finished teaching her here. Anyways, her health condition has gotten so bad lately. She is barely able to prepare her own food and things like that. Members of the ward are helping her function by shopping for her and cleaning for her. We used to try and teach her each time we visited but that doesn't happen anymore. She isn't really in a condition to learn. She is almost constantly in level 7-10 pain. She even stepped on a nail that embedded itself into her foot and she didn't know it because her body would not recognize the pain there because the pain is so high elsewhere. She told the nurse that it just felt like an itch in her foot. Please pray for her she is really struggling and we are not really sure how much longer she will last out.

Wednesday we had a lesson with a referral named Dawn who we had talked to once before in person. When we went to the appointment she unfortunately was not there but her 21 year old son Carrdyn was there. You pronounce his name cardon. Well he let us teach him and as we visited he told us he had lost some friends and family over the last few years and it has caused him to question a little bit his faith in God. We shared the plan of salvation with him and he was really excited at the end of the lesson. When we asked what he would do to qualify for the Celestial Kingdom he told us he would start from scratch and be baptized again. Well we set two return appointments over the next four days,. Both of them fell through and we have not been able to have any contact with him at all. Elder Limon and I felt like he was pretty sincere so we don't think he is avoiding us. Hopefully everything is OK.

Wednesday night we had a quick visit with the Autrey family. They are a family that committed have someone in there home to be taught by April 29th. Well on the 22nd we had dinner with them and asked how it had been going inviting those around them. They explained that their efforts had been small and inconsistent. We challenged them to extend one invitation to someone each day until the 29th. Well this little meeting was a follow up on that challenge. They were so excited. Sister Autrey is pregnant and she said that her emotions had been all over the place trying to extend the invitations because it was out of her comfort zone. But as we visited they talked about the things they learned and were super grateful that they had tried to accomplish it. They also expressed that they were happier over that week and had a fun time talking about with each other each day. They are now setting a new date and making plans to hit it. They are the best.

Thursday was Transfers. Well neither of us got moved but we still had to go to transfers to turn in our laptop and printer. We are no longer doing stake reports!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! Almost half the companionships in the zone got new missionaries. Elder Limón and I are pumped for this transfer. 

Sunday afternoon we had a great lesson with a woman named Susan. Her friend who is the young women's president invited her over to hear our message. Well the Spirit was really strong and she committed to read the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately because of her tight schedule with work she doesn't know when she can next meet but we are excited to see where this goes because she seems very prepared.

We also had a lesson with the Niederhauser family again but they forgot about our lesson because they got married that day!! Yay for living the law of chastity!

I know that this is the Lords work. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's kingdom again established on the earth preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah. I invite all of you to reach out and share this gospel with another so they too can experience the Joy that it brings into their life. I promise that you will be happier as you do!! I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Kelly

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