Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Day After Mother's Day

The emails are always a little weird the day after a skype home but I'll do my best! I wanted to talk about two things. 
One: Exchanges
We had an exchange on Thursday night to Friday night and then another Friday night to Saturday night. The first exchange we only did during the day on Friday because the other elders were unsure on whether or not they had bed bugs or not. They had all these red spots and some of it looked like poison ivy and some of it looked like bed bugs. They were asking all these members what it was and they would look up pictures and everyone was giving them different answers. So we played it safe. Today they found out for sure that it is just poison ivy and they were able to get some shots today to make it go away. Anyways I was with elder Cox. He is from Mesquite, Nevada and we had a really good time together. Elder Cox has one of the most powerful testimonies I have heard from a missionary. Every time he bares his testimony the spirit always floods the room.

Elder Bytheway's Birthday

Our second exchange was with the Hickory Hills Elders and I was with Elder Bytheway again! We also had a really good time and had the opportunity to teach a man named Emmanuel from Cameroon, Africa. We had talked to him a week earlier and he said we could come back. Well his biggest question and desire was how can he feel God in his life and how can he know what church is true. Well we explained probably three times in depths how the Holy Ghost works and how we can pray to receive answers to our prayers. We read through Moroni 10:3-5 and started talking about what real intent was. We explained that we are to act on the knowledge we have. He quickly realized that he needed to do a better job at living the Ten Commandments if he wants to be close to God. Obedience is key to coming to know God. We set a return appointment for next week! He was a really good guy and really sincere in his desire. We are excited to see where it goes!
I know that this is the Lord's work and I would just invite all of you to share the truth with others so they can feel the joy of the Gospel in their lives too!!!
Love you all
Elder Kelly

Jim and Sister Foster

Kansas City Joe's BBQ

Kansas City Temple

The Zone singing at the Brookdale old folks home

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