Friday, June 23, 2017

Transfered...(: :)

Well I am now out of the Overland Park 2nd ward. I am now serving in the Fleming Park ward which is in KC, MO. My new companion is Elder Christensen. He came out a transfer before me. 
Tuesday night we got the information that I would be leaving. Wednesday I packed up and then had the opportunity to say quick good byes to Jeanie Foster and Jim Brown, the Giroux family, Bishop, and Tay and Georgette. It was really weird.... when I said good bye to Jim and Jeanie Foster we got in the car and I started to cry. I didn't even cry when I left home. I don't think I have ever cried over something like that. Elder Limon and I were laughing at myself for the rest of the day because of it. It was weird.

Wednesday we went up to Independence for transfers. Elder Write was moved to OP2 and so I know it is being left in good hands. We technically live in the city Blue Springs not too far from Independence. So far we have had a lot of good experiences!   We felt impressed to knock a door on Friday and we introduced ourselves and felt impressed to ask if we could come in. Our request was quickly granted and we were able to sit down. As we talked to the man, Terri, we learned that his son, Donny, was baptized into the church a while back and when he moved up here he wasn't able to find the church! They scheduled to meet with us three times a week! Should be fun. 

Our dinner last night was with two families. Both of those families have non-members in their home on a regular basis and we purposed that we set goals and make plans to help them enter the waters of baptism. Both families readily accepted the challenge and we will be making the plan with them this up coming Friday! We are very excited to see where this goes.

One of the members of the ward served in the Vegas mission back in 2002-03. Another family just moved from Vegas about two years ago and know President Waite's son who I think was their Bishop. I showed them a picture of you guys, mom and dad, and they said they knew you. I'll have to send pictures when we eat with them or something. 

Our apartment wasn't too bad but it was in need of some serious cleaning. Elder Christensen and I spent about 3 hours today. It was great. We also have been exercising in a member's gym each morning and it is killer. We work out with another companionship and one of the elders is super buff and he keeps putting us through crazy work outs. We did this 800 rep arm work out Saturday Morning and my arms are going to fall off. Me and the weights have never been friends before and I'm not sure how much I like it. 

Our bishop here is actually a convert from the RLDS church. 
We knocked on a door yesterday and after no one answered we walked away. We were a little ways up the street and we heard the door open so we turned around and as we were walking back he says, "So which one of you is Alma, and which one of you is Amulek!?" We proceeded to have a long conversation about all the splinter churches out here. Feels good to be back in the Independence vibe.
Love ya!

- Elder Kelly

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