Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Running out of Subject Lines...

Well we visited with Terry Johnson three more times this week and he was able to come to church too! We actually were able to meet with a less active member this week and we asked them to take Terri in hopes they would stick around too. Unfortunately they just dropped them off and left.  We taught Terry and his member son, Donny about the Word of Wisdom on Thursday. He has already been trying to stop smoking and is down to less than a pack a day. When we explained that coffee was also not in line with the commandment he was shocked. His response was, "What? I drink 15 to 20 cups of coffee a day! I don't even drink water! It tastes gross!" He committed to try and stop. In the closing prayer it was asked that his desire to have coffee and smoke would leave him. Elder Christensen and I also prayed that night that the desire would leave him. On Saturday we came back and he told us he had only smoked 5 cigarettes and only drank 2 cups of coffee! Our jaws basically hit the floor. We asked him how he was able to cut back so much. His response was, "They both started to taste gross....?"

We are blessed here in this ward! We always are fed by members and have many people to teach. We were able to make plans with multiple families this week of how they were going to help their non member friends come unto Christ. It is so powerful when the members make a plan and follow through with it. The Lord always pours out blessings upon their families even if the individual declines the invitations extended both by them and the Spirit. Usually those families get pretty excited about missionary work and it is as if we introduced a friend to a delicious BBQ place we can enjoy together. 

This is a non-member's license plate

We live in Blue Springs.  The cool part about Blue Springs is that it is half boons and half city. It is a lot of fun.

Love you all! I know that the power of Payer is real. I know that Heavenly Father is Listening to you when you reach out to Him. I know that Christ's grace is sufficient. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen

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