Monday, February 8, 2016

23 Months Left Ha Ha #Sad

These weeks out here don't feel like 7 days. More like three days or something. I seriously can't believe it's already P-day again. This week has been great though!! I won't say much this week because I'm tying to play some sports. I didn't play last week because E-mailing took so long.

Kind of stinky but like two hours after I emailed last week Raymond and Nathaniel dropped us and said they weren't ready for this big of change. Elder Katoa and I feel like we might have overwhelmed them and didn't allow them to first gain more of a testimony. We went over that night and talked about how they were feeling and they said to give them a week and we can talk again. They said they would both read from the Book of Mormon for the week though so hopefully the spirit has pricked their hearts some more while reading.

Susan Thaxton is an investigator with a really rough past but has turned her life around to helping people! She has so much desire to do good and seems to already have a lot of the same beliefs as we do! She expressed to us how she hates working on Sunday's because she feels like it should be the Lord's day where you only do what he desires on that day... We never even had mentioned keeping the Sabbath day holy prior to her expressing that! The field is truly white! Susan has been reading from the Book of Mormon and she is already in Mosiah with the same excitement about the book as someone reading Harry Potter or something. It is so great teaching her because she is SO prepared!

Study is too short. I feel like 1 hour of personal study needs to be more like two! I am reading in Alma right now and I feel like I am watching ESPN's top ten plays of missionary work or something because every story is like "and thousands came unto the understanding of their savior". Elder Katoa and I keep trying to find what we can do to be more like Alma and the sons of Mosiah. I have been studying a lot about self-mastery in the scriptures and it is the coolest thing ever!
You guys should try it!

I am here to tell all of you that if you think it is crazy that Enos prayed all day then you aren't relying on the Lord enough and you also don't know how to pray correctly. So all of you need to study prayer from Preach My Gospel page 93-95

I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and I know he is waiting for us all to just turn fully to him.

Love Elder Kelly

PS (if you have the missionaries over for dinner or anything and you say you don't know anybody that could use the gospel right now then you don't understand the atonement and also lack faith. 2 NE 2:6-8)

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