Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Learning How to Be a True Harvester

Family and Friends!
This mission thing is so great. If anyone tells you their mission was boring or not the best two years of their life then they weren't actually serving the lord by bringing others to truth. I love reading your guys emails and honestly hate emailing back because it stresses me out a little so I am doing my best!!! (Don't think I am saying I don't want to email you guys though because that isn't the case) This past week was faster than the last and I don't know how it works. My best guess is that it is because as we continue to be on the Lord's errand doing his will and not ours we begin to operate in his timing too. Not doctrine just a funny thought.

Just got done with a game of 21 and I love that game so much! These high tops are coming in clutch for all that dunking! (JK)

Elder Katoa is continuing to be one great trainer! He helps council me on what I need to fix and thankfully is very kind about it. He lets me realize things myself but sometimes points things out when I don't seem to realize I'm doing the same wrong thing over and over. So honestly he is a great trainer. Together we are realizing what it means to truly be a harvester and how to accomplish that effectively. We just need to bear testimony and see who responds to an invitation to follow Christ. I love serving with him.

We are going to start a new trend.

So since elder Katoa is a District leader and he has to go on exchanges every week I do to! And this week it was me and Elder Smith (also a brand new missionary) who were together. Well neither of us have taken the mission driving test so guess what we did..... RODE BIKES! Honestly I felt like a lost dog. We were both new and I had never done a biking day so I didn't really know how to effectively go through the day without back tracking over and over. Honestly probably one of the longest days of the mission because out here there aren't mountains just really big hills. Also if you want to sufficiently feel really dorky... Wear Sunday clothes with a helmet and ride a bike that has really bad gears that don't want to shift. I felt like a naked man or something. Oh and  it was in the 30s with some nice wind. Oh and I was wearing those behind the head ear muff things under my helmet straps. I need to take that test.

Last night we ate with the Horrocks family and I felt like I was at home! :) Their family just kind of reminded me of that feeling of being home. Oh and the food was BOMB. They made fondue pots (a valentine tradition for them I guess) and there was some Spinach one and a cheddar one and then just a plethora of stuff to dip in it. I pigged out! Then we had dessert fondue as well and pigged out again.
Me and elder Katoa were so full.

I am really beginning to love exercising in the morning. I'll have to send progress pics one day ;). Getting mad gains out here with a total of 5 pounds. (Full of sarcasm)

We just started teaching a woman by the name of Jeanie Biaer. Her husband, Chris, is already a member but he is inactive. Both have expressed desires to be sealed in the temple for time and eternity in the Kansas City temple. They also have made it very easy to teach them by asking if we could come as frequently as possible in the evening after they put their kids to bed. Hopefully we can have daily contact with them one way or another and help them work hard to become ready for a baptismal date. Chris has a desire to baptize his wife so hopefully this will really strengthen them as a couple and family.  This is the family that we were looking for and instead found Raymond and Nathaniel. (By the way we had to drop Nathaniel)

Elder Katoa and I got to speak in church yesterday on the plan of salvation and it was so much fun! I loved it! Spoke for about 15 min each.

I know this is the Lord's work and in turn God's work. Do not fear! It is breaking your baptismal covenant.

-Love Elder Kelly

This is Jeremy Guthrie. If you don't know who that is, he pitches for the Royals and was a major pitcher last year in the World Series. He is a beast when it comes to missionary work. And has found us two solid investigators (Bobbie and Israel. I'll tell you about them next week) He goes on team ups with us all the time too. So I am basically famous now!

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