Friday, February 26, 2016

Hurrah for Israel!!!

This week has been so much fun!

Sister Baier is so prepared! They are making arrangements to be married legally so she can be baptized soon! They came to a baptism with us on Saturday and she had a good time! They drove us out there and they are the funniest people ever. One night we were teaching them and we were teaching the plan of salvation! It was almost like the moment after we said that was what we were teaching that he gets all excited grabs his quad next to him and opens the front cover and proudly shows us the plan of salvation taped in from when he was in primary. It was hilarious. She is excited for her baptism and has been telling her family to come! Hopefully we don't get transferred before it happens!

Can't believe it has almost been one transfer!

This week on exchanges Elder Porter and I found 5 new investigators in about 2 hours. It was miraculous. They were all within a 50 yard diameter!

Earlier this week we committed 4 people on baptismal dates! Jeanie is the only one that has continued to progress but hopefully we can get the others to have the fire lit in them.


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