Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Perfecting the Saints

This week has been another great one! I don't have much to say about investigators really. The only thing interesting that happened was that we had a trip planned to the visitors center on Friday with Jeanie and Chris and then they cancelled last second and didn't show up to church either. So now she isn't progressing technically but that's ok we will get her right back on the move towards baptism. Some stuff came up with their work I am pretty sure. We have an awesome lesson planned tonight on the Word of Wisdom and the atonement. We are way excited to teach it.

We met the sweetest lady named Angie who was so awesome! She told us her house burnt down last November and she started to cry as we spoke.  She has been living out of her car for the past few months. She knows God will get her through it because she believes she was saved from dying when she was 16. She wasn't supposed to live but she did! She is very kind and we teach her again on Tuesday! Can't wait to fill her heart, that seems to be pretty broken, with the gospel.

Something that crossed my mind this week was that Christ commands us multiple times to be perfect. Kind of interesting. Then I got thinking. We need to work on perfection now. If we really use the atonement the way it is intended to be used we will eventually reach perfection. Obviously this takes a REALLY long time but there is no point in waiting to start. The time is now! The trick is understanding the atonement and the powers it posses. There are both enabling and redeeming powers that Jesus Christ has created for each of us. We must use both DILIGENTLY so when we look back on a year we can say "WOW!  Look at where I have come from!" (And then thank God and Jesus Christ) Jesus Christ expects us to become perfect. The way to perfection is not confusing or complicated. It is so simple. Use the atonement everyday and start NOW.

-Elder Kelly

This past week I decided I am only emailing family every week. Friends will get emailed once a month. So please don't think I hate you all. I will respond I promise.

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