Friday, March 11, 2016

Crazy Week

This past week has been a lot of fun!

Tuesday was Mid-trainers meeting at the mission home and man it was so good to see all the people I was in the MTC with. The other reason any mission meeting is awesome is because you feel like a spiritual beast when you leave and you are just so pumped for the work. President Vest and his wife are so awesome too. They always give great training and councils!

Wednesday we had no car because it was at the Chevy dealership getting work done. We taught a recent convert that night and her kids. The kids are all high school age. She is a black lady with this southern ghetto swag and it is so funny when she gets animated in her speech.  At the end of the lesson the kids were just being dumb and talking smack about sports. She turned to us laughing and said, "I'm gunna beat em with my Holy Ghost Stick!" So funny!

Thursday was transfers and we got another elder in our companionship so now we are a trio! His name is Elder Herrod. He has been out for 19 months and is a cool kid! We spent a lot of time rearranging on Wednesday. We got rid of two couches we never used, got another desk, another bed, and a dresser. Our room is almost one big bed now. We have about 8 inches between each bed. Good thing we are never in that room other than for sleep!

Elder Kelly, Elder Katoa, Elder Herrod

Fast and testimony meeting was really good this week! I love hearing testimonies from other people. We are truly brought together to build one another up.

Tips about life:
1. If you are having a bad day... Read your scriptures 
2. If you need help with anything... Read your scriptures 
3. If you get angry... Read the scriptures 
4. Every day of your life.... YOU NEED TO READ YOUR SCRIPTURES!!!!!!!
The scriptures answer every question of the soul and will help you in all aspects. Don't ignore them!!!!!

-Love Elder Kelly

Elder Katoa and Kelly teaching

Getting creative with breakfast

This little girl is in our ward and 
reminds me so much of Tess

This is how we Pday!
Elder Katoa, Elder Kelly, Sister Matagi

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