Monday, April 11, 2016

Service is the Best!!

Monday was a really weird day and I can't remember most of it honestly. Tuesday we went over to a less active's, Sister Vargas, house and did a bunch of yard work for her. She has a pretty large yard and it was really fun. We had to get this huge branch that fell off one of her trees to fall all the way down and then cut it up in pieces. It stabbed the ground and then the other end was like 60 feet up in the air. It took forever to get it to fall down and it was pretty sketchy because we couldn't get enough leverage on the top half of it and we couldn't tell where this super heavy thing was going to fall. We got an old dog leash and tied it as high up as I could get it while standing on an old wooden high chair we found in the back yard.  When we finally got it to fall it fell perfectly into the biggest opening of the grass with out smashing elder Katoa and I or anything else. After that we got her riding lawn mower to start after fiddling for a while and Elder Katoa cut the whole big area with that while I cut another area he couldn't get to with a push mower. We had a good time honestly and headed on home to shower and change pretty tired.  That evening we went and taught a part member family at the Guthrie's home; it was a lot of fun.

Elder Kelly and Elder Katoa after serving

Wednesday again we went over to Sister Vargas's home and worked on the front yard this time. We mowed, weeded, and cleaned out the gutters on her house. Honestly it never even crossed my mind that people do that.  That's what happens when you grow up in Vegas. That part took the longest because we had to unscrew all the gutter covers, clean it, then re-screwed them all back on trying to find each piece that matched with the random screw holes on the gutter. That night we went to dinner with a member at this place called Bone-Fish Cafe. It was bomb digity and I had some really good fish tacos. After that we went over to Emma Patterson's house again and taught Kandace E. The Doctrine of Christ by reading through 2 Nephi 27 with her. I always love the lessons when we read chapters from the scriptures.

Thursday was another sweet day! We taught Sabrina around 10 in the morning about temple and family history work. She is pretty interested in Family History so it was cool to explain that whole thing to her. Immediately after the member that took us to Bone-Fish took us out to lunch to this restaurant he owned. It is a Louisiana Kitchen/Marti Gras style kitchen and man the food is AMAZING! He owns 6 different locations. I think he said there is one in Texas and the rest are in Kansas and Missouri. The place is called Jazz and man if any of you are out here you have to eat there. We had Gumbo as an appetizer (had no idea what the heck that was) and I wanted to just keep eating it because it was so good. Then we headed home and did our weekly planning and it was probably the most efficient planning Elder Katoa and I have ever done. We got so much done. That night we taught Sharon (Emma Patterson's other friend) at the church before mutual about the plan of salvation. She has really close family who passed the last couple years and so it was really good to be able to teach her about eternal families and the spirit world.  The struggle with Kandace and Sharon right now is just getting permission from the parents. Both mothers aren't for it.

Friday was zone training and I just love those meetings so much! I felt so spiritually pumped! It was one of those meetings you leave and just want to go be like Captain Moroni and make the powers of Hell shake. At the end of the meeting we started exchanges and I went to the other area out in Leavenworth, Kansas. Their apartment is so gnarly. That night we helped a woman move for about two hours. We had to feed everything into an elevator to get it down stairs and it took a while. We were working as fast as we could so we could help her as much before we had to head home. I was sweating so bad.

Saturday morning I felt so gross working out and having to do push ups and sit ups on their floor. We did service that morning too. It was a kid's Eagle project and we moved a huge pile of mulch via wheelbarrow. Thanks to my concrete job of wheelbarrowing concrete the mulch was so easy. I was told like twenty times I was dumping the mulch perfectly so they didn't even have to rake it into place. If only the Latino dudes from work thought that way :P Saturday after exchanging back we went straight to the visitors center with a less active and her son. Then drove straight back to our dinner appointment and then drove all the way back to the VC to take Sabrina too! Both visits were really good and our mission is blessed to have both the visitors center and the Liberty Jail. Sabrina actually brought a friend so that was pretty cool that she did that. Her friend had a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon and stuff. And the best part was we had a member ride down to the VC both trips! I love this ward.

Well I love you all so much! Don't forget to always be sharing the gospel with friends!

Love Elder Kelly :)

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