Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Word Up

Transfers are this week. WHAT!? It'll be weird to see what all happens!

Weatherfby Lake near our apartment

This past week was a good one! We went on exchanges twice and that always makes the week fly by! Wednesday after District Meeting we exchanged with the zone leaders. Elder Heinrichsen (the kid from Vegas) came with me to my area. We had some lessons set up for the evening and lots of potentials to find during the day. Two of the houses we tried were just houses we drove past often and I had always wanted to go knock. One was a huge old looking White House and I just thought it was cool. The other one was a house that had this very distinct purple car parked out front that we see driving around town ALL the time. The purple car house was this guy who seemed genuinely interested to learn more and invited us back for next Wednesday after we shared the whole restoration on his door step. His name is Buck and was pretty cool to talk to. The big White House was an older man in his 50's or 60's (sorry if you don't think that is an old age). He was so kind and had a lot of land. The house had been built back in the mid 1800's by his wife's family. He redid the entire inside and seemed to love the house. He had rental cottages in the back lot and told us that he used to actually house missionaries in them. He and his wife had Thanksgiving dinner with the missionaries once and had them over for dinner frequently. Unfortunately he shut us down every time we tried to invite him to learn more or share anything with him. He said to come and talk to him if we ever needed anything. Then when we asked to share numbers he declined. LAME. He just already knew all the missionary tricks that we use to try and share the gospel. So he was almost as cool as Buck.

The District

Zone Training with Pres Vest

Then on Friday we exchanged with Elder Smith and Elder Attwood. I stayed in my area with elder smith. The interesting part of this exchange is we are the elders that aren't allowed to drive yet because we are both new. Well to make it even more interesting Elder smith broke his 5th Metatarsal in his foot on P-day playing basketball so we couldn't be on bikes because he was on crutches. We planned the day to visit every person that was in our area book that was within less than a half mile of our apartment. We headed off on foot and holy cow we met the coolest people ever and talked to the most people ever! I think in 3 hours we talked and had full conversations with 10 plus people which never happens! Elder Smith was a beast and smiled and laughed the whole day even though his shoulders and hands were killing him the whole time. It was a good day and I hope I serve with Elder smith in the future.

We have a new investigator named Youme who met a while ago but who we were finaly able to set an appointment with. We talked with her the night I was on the first exchange and we put her on date for May 21st!  She is very prepared and loves feeling the spirit. She told us that if she can just feel it in her heart she will do it. SO COOL RIGHT!?

Anyways I don't have much time left but the reason we emailed on Tuesday instead of Monday is because Elder Katoa and I went to the temple and if we go to the temple that is our P-Day but the temple isn't open on Mondays so Tuesday it was! We were glad we got to go before transfers were up and we might of got split. As I am emailing elder Katoa got a call from president and he is now going to be a zone leader so it's official. He is leaving :( I love him to death and I'll miss him.

At the Temple with Brother Stocks and Elder Katoa

I love the Lord! He is my light and King!

Elder Kelly :)

Some guy gave us this Anti Mormon literature.  
He said he felt in his heart to give it to us.  

The bug from Harry Potter 4 is real.

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